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, a well-known domestic electricity supplier "double eleven day of the total sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan" message, will undoubtedly stimulate the traditional retailers nervous. Because of this data, the equivalent of the United States in 2011 (micro-blog) annual sales of nearly 1/6, Wangfujing department store sales in a year, McDonald’s China 1400 stores sales of nearly 2.36 times.

traditional retailers have been a strong impact of the electricity supplier companies, China’s business model platform from offline to online migration has become an indisputable fact. Traditional retailers in what way? WAL-MART, Carrefour and other foreign retail giants have entered the Chinese business market, but "foreign monks chanting difficult", they have encountered problems of localization, logistics, service etc..

The progress of science and technology Tencent

China in some overseas traditional retail giant for a simple sort, in order to satisfy the users.



WAL-MART to enter the Chinese market, the decentralization of power, to promote the localization strategy to achieve rapid development and expansion in China, the number of stores increased significantly, the network spread nationwide. But the following is the lack of management and product quality issues. At present, WAL-MART to strengthen the management of procurement procedures, revocation of 21 procurement office in Chinese, involving hundreds of people, the Future Ltd will strengthen management and overall consideration towards the direction of the development of headquarters.

in August this year, the Ministry of commerce website officially approved the acquisition of 1 stake in WAL-MART Shop No. 33.6%. After the completion of the increase in investment, WAL-MART will eventually hold the absolute control of the 1 shop firmly in the hands of its stake in the proportion of 51%, Ping An Group holds a share of the company, the founder of the team is less than the number of shares in the shop No. 10% of 1.

overwhelmed WAL-MART holdings 1 shop, it will become China’s largest online virtual stores and offline physical stores multi-channel marketing layout of retail enterprises. This in March this year, WAL-MART CEO Ren Chinese airborne Gao Fulan, how to overcome the management ability, service ability, The climate does not suit one. problem, it has a long way to go.



three for four years head of Carrefour, the impact of the electricity supplier difficult in its development trend. In fact, Carrefour in the Chinese market downturn, since 2005 began to show its brand, talent, management advantages gradually lost. Carrefour in 2011 began in the second half of the net, electricity providers to carry out business to cooperate with the form of sold out network group purchase website.

Carrefour, although in December 2006 on-line online shopping mall, but in the name of the system to suspend the operation in April 2008. Today, the site >

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