Hard advertising is no longer popular now China love brand content marketing

you must be named "The Voice of China", "Daddy where to go to" the brand does not feel strange.


The third season of

"where Dad" in Yili QQ show photograph:


comes up with a quiz. Please answer "The Voice of China", "I am a singer" and "Daddy where to go to" the brand is named








announced the answer: This shows the sponsors are jiaduobao, white washingliquid and yili. Are you all right?

believe that many people can answer, and don’t think you should feel that these brands do not unfamiliar, even if not by the explosion of red variety show 180 times in brainwashing see answers, also can get information from relatives and friends in the mouth.

is more expensive than on TV, the brand seems to be more and more inclined to transfer a large number of marketing budgets from hard to wide.

The so-called

content marketing, is the use of text, audio, video and other content, do product / brand sponsorship and soft wide implants, so as to realize the marketing role. Compared to the hard wide fast, direct, content marketing more low-key, the pursuit of long-term promotion effect.

has two consecutive title "where" Dad went to Erie as an example, the second quarter of 312 million yuan for Yili bought the naming rights to the third season when the brand will show the title investment increased to 500 million yuan. According to several media reports, the first quarter of the title of the program 999 pediatric cold medicine had only invested 28 million yuan to buy the naming rights. It is not difficult to see that the title of brand benefits should be very considerable. Consultants in the food industry researcher Jian Aihua told the "daily economic news" interview said, Yili was willing to "for Daddy where the third quarter" pay more title costs from the second quarter, because the benefit a lot, such as brand influence and product sales, therefore is also looking forward to the third season.


in fact, 500 million yuan to buy the naming rights is not Yili in content marketing case. Yili in the "Transformers 3" and the "Transformers 4" in embedded products lactose milk, which, according to the advertising news website Adage.com reported, "4" Yili Shu of milk in a fridge filled with the appearance of Yili spent nearly $78 million, or about 490 million yuan, than "3" to Han Yinan took the role of lactose milk appear to spend more. According to the Baidu index, Yili Shu milk in change 4 after the release, the overall rate increased by more than 1000%.

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