Analysis of B2B marketing strategy of the dark social platform Pinterest

with the rapid development of the Internet, big data era has quietly come, but for the huge data information for Internet Co is not only a challenge but also an opportunity, as long as the depth of data mining, will find commercial value. Once when, Google and Baidu have launched a knowledge map, as the dark social model of Pinterest (Chinese called product interest records) in micro-blog, Facebook, twitter and other social media on the basis of data integration, data mining, and the rise of achievement with interest as the core concept of dark social.

for any social networking tool, since it can accumulate popularity, then it has commercial value can be achieved. Remember God without floating foreign trade Dudu was taught us to do this piece of foreign trade industry segments, there are also "gehangrugeshan foreign trade circles". In fact, familiar with the social Pinterest should know that we do network marketing, you can use the dark social platform, but to Pinterest, for example, is not suitable for any product promotion. Because Pinterest is to share pictures, so the most suitable for the promotion of the product should have the same visual impact pictures on Pinterest, such as small jewelry, bags, toys and other products look cool.

With the popularity of

in foreign social dark, if you are doing B2B marketing, do you have a dark social marketing strategy of their own? This paper introduces how to build their own Pinterest strategy under B2B foreign trade enterprises, increase the network of sales channels, I think mainly lies in the optimization of this two aspects:

, how to get the visual content of visitors favorite


many B2B companies want to use Pinterest marketing channels, but the biggest challenge is the lack of visual content. Here are some suggestions for content selection, you can:

1 internal picture: the colleagues of the company party work style pictures, pictures of employees modified is a good material to share, let visitors enjoy interesting pictures and remember some information of your company.

2 blog articles in the wonderful picture: in the company’s blog or your own blog, through the Pin to share the blog to collect the visual impact of the wonderful pictures.

3 chart: data chart chart data have become fashionable for a time, so we can also share some industry related, let your pin followers to get some valuable information.

4 product pictures: many times for every holiday or anniversary will have some promotional discounts, or added some cool new products, these "1 yuan seckill" discounted products and the coolest new tend to cause the attention of fans.


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