Micro blog how fast powder

I found that many of us now, just enter the circle from the media or come in for some time, people are entangled in a problem, that is how to do fans.

Jiwanshiduowan for fans of the operators, we still struggle with fans, for most of the large, tangled profit promotion is possible. Of course, we are all from scratch, so what are the methods we are suitable for us, what is suitable for us. In my opinion, now the most effective, but also the majority of people are doing, that is pushing each other.

Although the

interaction is free, but does not mean that we do not need to pay, first of all, we need it’s own resources, if you don’t have the resources to do so, then who would like to come and you push each other? The hearts of the people are selfish, so you don’t have the resources to do so, it is white, no one to ignore you.

first: where to seek mutual push crowd

first of all, we need to look for those who want to push each other, and now no matter what the industry, our needs and supply are contradictory. For example, I now want to push each other with a number of micro-blog, but I can not find these people want to push each other, in fact, those who still want to push each other. Now, we are more QQ group, in these groups, we can find what we need.

for example, we are pushing micro-blog, so we only need to enter the "micro-blog push each other so long will pop up a lot of related groups in the QQ group search inside, we choose the high quality of the group to join these groups, popularity is good, the number of active. We only need to mix a familiar face in the group after one or two days on the demand of promotion, so people will come to you whisper. Here, is worthy of attention, and when you talk to most of us, is the need to see you, as you now how many visits to micro-blog, the number of forwarding comments, use the data to decide whether they are willing to push together with you in general, if you have one hundred thousand fans, so willing to push each other and you may be less than you may Duojiqianyiwanduo than your fans, these are possible.

is the number of fans less than us means that we can’t push each other with him? No, we don’t have to go too far. There is also a way to promote according to time or in accordance with the amount of reading to promote. For example, you can probably estimate how much you read in an hour or two hours, then the time to push the contents of the deleted.

if it is in accordance with the amount of reading, then we shall read for everybody to how much time you delete, such as reading for everybody to ten thousand when deleted, then we need to read in the amount of ten thousand, more than 10 thousand times removed.

some people may not understand why

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