As an nternet operator you do self operation

what is self operation?


self operation, in addition to the necessary skills to think. More is a basic day-to-day management. Starting from one’s life. Eyes are a kind of every open operation. Daily work time management. Self emotional control, including professional accomplishment. These things are the little things we need. But how important. I compare it to the ground. No matter how many floors you build. Do more than cattle force. But not a solid foundation. When you collapsed, also can’t find the problem. Instead, they will complain about the so-called objective factors. For example, to blame the earthquake came too suddenly. To make fun of。

in fact, regardless of time management, or emotional management. MBA is a required course. But for the era of mass operation, these two items is particularly important. We only from the operational point of view to analyze the two items.


, time management

priority: operation is a very miscellaneous work. Basically every aspect involves. Team, activities, copywriting, finance, BD cooperation, PR and other operations need to plug a leg. So we need to do a good job in a second day work every night. And the operation, may be at any time because of a phone and disrupt your planned rhythm. So it is especially important to set priorities for daily work. Clear objectives, reasonable arrangements, first urgent and slow. Ensure that goals are achieved.

memo tools: Here we can be divided into three steps for

collection: collection is very important, in fact, including me. The things you have to deal with each day are very complicated. Maybe a phone call is a thing. Then we get the signal we need to deal with. We need a simple record.

finishing: every night before going to bed is second days of finishing work. Like the first point, sort it into a category. Prioritize.

organization: organization can be said to be further work arrangements. For example, we can arrange the work from the nearest place according to the location. And when you see the site, you will be able to see what the site needs. Objective clarity.

self system: everyone has their own time system. Can also be said to be a day for their own flow chart. This is a big direction. According to their own needs, the characteristics of a most suitable for their own time planning. Build your own time management system.

two, emotional management

One of the most important methods for

emotion management for MBA students is 6H4AS. In fact, I can understand this as a kind of emotional control. Emotion is also a kind of emotional quotient. For an operation, the negative emotions are more complaints, stress, anger. Is what we often say negative energy >

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