Tomato door marketing real ones benefits are obvious

yesterday, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall in Shenzhen at the 2012 annual meeting of faction generation e-commerce said recently circulated on the network "tomato door" event is not marketing, he also revealed that he and the heroine of the Jingdong store small appliances director Jia Zhuang have been in love for three years. So far, the tomato door fell curtain. Although Liu Qiangdong came forward to clarify the incident, but there are still a lot of people questioned whether hype marketing. Whether the tomato door is not the event marketing, for now, to get the benefit of Jingdong mall, aside from personal emotional impact, the biggest benefit is Liu Qiangdong.

tomato door propaganda role

we can put the tomato door is divided into three stages: campaign, guidance, secret. Three stages of progressive layers, so that fresh food channels Jingdong tomatoes in particular has been a good publicity.

first Liu Qiangdong and Zhuang Jia micro-blog drying out of the tomatoes on the balcony, attracted onlookers. Before and after they send micro-blog, only a difference of 11 minutes, this time is very interesting. Too short, it is easy to be said that Liu Qiangdong is a good deal with the Zhuang jia. Too long, not so easy to attract the attention of users. In contrast the photo burst and release the two figure after hearsay event is detonated, tomatoes.

then, Liu Qiangdong and Zhuang Jia was deleted after breaking the news of micro-blog, which is a normal reflection. But when the parties did not rush to respond to comments, but will be subject to transfer, Jingdong sales, selling fresh food hot tomatoes. In this way, people will lead to the sale of Jingdong, but the move is even more people questioned, and marketing on the more ties. However, what is the relationship between Liu Qiangdong and Zhuang Jia, there is no answer, this topic is still causing great concern and speculation. Jingdong fresh food channel, further promote OTC tomatoes.

finally, Liu Qiangdong chose a great occasion for the secret, he explained at the annual conference on behalf of e-commerce this event is not marketing. In such a big occasion mentioned tomato door, fresh food channels and Liu Qiangdong’s personal attention naturally doubled. In this way, do not do advertising, Jingdong fresh food channel has been widely known.

The benefits of

tomato door


looks Jingdong CEO and female colleagues a love is not how good the negative news, but Liu Qiangdong later, especially on behalf of the school year will on the generous recognition of the relationship between them, so that the whole person Liu Qiangdong set up a positive image. Men, women, love is a normal thing. Liu Qiangdong did not get married before the hearing, there is no scandal, now in front of the public recognition of love, set up a good man’s image. Online views may be very different, but most people have said that if it is true love, or bless them. Therefore, the tomato door from the personal reputation is not necessarily bad.

said above, "tomato door"

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