Play soft need 5 basic point of understanding

in Baidu encyclopedia, soft and not a very clear definition to illustrate what is soft, but compared to the television or print advertising, this is not directly named, by artificially written text ads called soft wen. "Please don’t insert TV" in the advertisement which is ridicule on hard advertising, we have been very tired. So good, need to have what characteristics? "Mom shop" editor in work and study accumulates a few, hope can give you some help.

1, soft advertising does not need too obvious

TV ads in the non-stop tell you with me, I am very good, I am xxx ", such as a few years ago a wool sweater advertising" XXX wool sweater from rat "," XXX wool sweater, beef cattle ", has been repeated after the 12 zodiac, such repeat is the mandatory advertising do the extreme, you will be disgusted? More helpless. Many marketing books are written, if you want to a customer to promote your products, please don’t just say "please buy my product, my product is very good, in general such sales are counterproductive, but want to make friends with customers, talk about something else, interest, hobbies or customers to talk about the story, then slowly relates to the products, maybe it will be more acceptable to customers, while the soft paper is a process of this writing, the beginning will give you a story, you may simply do not see this is an advertisement, and in the process of reading also, a chance to see one or two words about the product, you will not be offensive, but have some impression, this is soft to effect.

2, not a science fiction, soft Wen need everyone to understand

soft content should not be like a fantasy novel, the sky can not to the point, like science fiction, don’t stop thinking about the future, at least you need to get around, related to the true nature of the product to a description, which is to establish a sense of trust, or your readers (customers) will be true after just laugh, do not know who is hurt.

3, soft Wen, the purpose is to let the earth people know

is not afraid of deep alley has been in the past decade, now the promotion is to do everything possible to make their products spread, "let the earth people know simple words but to realize the difficulties that some, especially the fund is not very strong, the shopkeeper, want to let the earth people know their own products so, it requires patience, planning and accurate promotion target, as soft, you can be the focus of current society and their products of fusion, press these points can be positive praise, can also be lace eight hexagrams, such as you want to promote their own mobile phone products, if only to mobile phone theme you can stand, completely received popular online" one door "event, but it is recommended that you do not make mom shop at least the title of the party, the content should be correlated with the title Or your soft Wen can be regarded as a waste of the original article. < >

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