Accurate and accurate advertising arrival rate website promotion in advertising how to do

advertising is an important means of brand promotion website, through a variety of pictures in various websites show a good promotion effect. But how to maximize the value of advertising? Just fine pictures, advertisement eye-catching, Flash shocking enough? Today, we’ll discuss the points of the website promotion advertising.

1: accurate and accurate advertising arrival rate

arrival rate refers to the maximum advertising can be seen, let more people know what you want to promote products or website, this is advertising the most rigid target, no arrival rate, everything is a fable.

two: to enhance the value of directional flow

we take the material site as an example to discuss:

1: keyword advertising

through the search of the key words, to each of the flow is the precise orientation of high value flow. For example, the search material website is generally associated with the designer or the industry and, therefore, the promotion of material commune such material site, the key words will include material, design, pictures, wallpaper, accurate relevant keywords, so can the introduction of directional flow.

2 in the same industry site advertising


designers usually fixed to a website to find information, therefore, in the relevant material website advertising is easy to attract their attention, in addition, you can also exchange links, such as advertising or links delivery material in some communes Design Forum above, this will play a very good effect. Because access to the same industry is likely to be the site of the industry’s products to customers, so in the same industry site advertising has a very high precision directional flow.

3 in the industry exhibition advertising

Of course, in addition to

advertising Internet advertising line advertising can not be underestimated, and in the industry exhibition advertising plays the role is undoubtedly the largest and most accurate, because the same industry, there are businesses, individuals, every display advertising is a process of brand preach.

three: quality advertising screen to attract eyeballs

with the arrival rate and precision of the customer, but also to allow customers to have a deep impression, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, we have to do: fine picture design; shocking advertising language; attract the eye of the FLASH animation; product features, such as accurate summary.

brand promotion website, largely cannot do without advertising, therefore, we must understand what our customers need most, so that we can know what we should do, how to do advertising is not objectionable but can allow customers to accept, so don’t waste the advertising is good advertising.

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