Two years to give up almost two years down the road into a new three board president


was founded only 3 years, still burn start-ups, it wants to "contract" Chinese overseas travel every need money link.

do not know how, in 2016, the fund has become a major event in the entertainment industry. It is said that Huang Xiaoming will appear in the Liangxiang room, big Bing Bing in Changping, Bing Bing in a small county, Quan Ren in Yuquanlu Road…

hey, Saturday to Liangxiang ambush leader of the fans rushed to empty? Who didn’t go to the exam, it is the leader in the preparation of a lady take leave of, for their own companies listed on the new board. There are pictures and the truth down down down


was founded three years, live in a new board landing

shared economic first live one hundred (837077) today listed bell, bell 8 man team, in addition to founder Zhang Chunter, and Lenovo star general manager Wang Mingyao Chen Xiaobing, President of Kaiser tourism and Wantong holdings chairman Feng Lun and other big coffee.


left: Feng Lun, Zhang Hengde,

as a special service for Chinese outbound travelers online short rental brand, live one hundred is known as the Chinese version of Airbnb. As more and more Chinese people recognize and participate in the shared economic model, in 2015 operating income grew by more than 68 times, in the annual report has been published in the top 5474 listed company.

relative to Airbnb, living in a few social attributes of a weak, but the operation mode is more real, or more in line with the needs of Chinese tourists. In the business model, lived 100 to Airbnb, as China car to Uber.

on the Chinese market, sharing economy is a kind of exotic, like 100 years ago, the so-called "Mr." and "mr.". Whether it is Airbnb or Uber, they are in the development of the Chinese market are not those who share the concept of economic integration with the local situation, "genetically modified" students quickly.


Airbnb and Uber to China, have maintained a pure C2C mode, and the Shenzhou car and live hundreds of, is invariably choose now seems more in line with the market demand Chinese B2C mode.

choose B2C mode, Zhang Hengde is experiencing a year after the landlord Airbnb decision.

rich two generation founder of the Chinese version of Airbnb

as a "two rich generation", Zhang Hengde’s record looks a little proud defiant: 13 years old in Zhongguancun sell computer accessories, puberty too rebellious sent by their parents to join the army, retired after the stay in the family business, dumbass change Curve Wrecker went to University of Michigan, but also to learn to return CITIC Securities and investment Greenwoods experience of a white-collar feel.


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