Seemingly very profitable luxury electricity supplier development and the plight of the four breakth

luxury electric business website in recent years the development of network division of a hot, but really bigger and stronger are few, it has a lot of problems can come to discuss, first, four dilemmas of development: to let the luxury business

is the first, the user’s trust in luxury website. Any commercial website wants to earn money from the hands of users, the first to establish trust, otherwise, your customers will not buy luxury goods, especially the consumer population is relatively small, because luxury goods are very expensive, net consumer abnormal carefully, because online shopping, so worry about buying fake goods is not genuine, so brand trust is particularly important, the credit mechanism than ordinary commodities to more difficult.

second, luxury electricity supplier website their own quality. Who knows, the agency many brand-name goods extremely difficult to get, and take the goods as cost is relatively high, some big brands in the actual operation in order to protect the interests of the store, almost not authorized the sale of goods, if you can not solve the problem of the supply chain, light luxury site will die". Another consequence of the instability is that the quality of the goods can not be guaranteed." Hao Jianhua said, once the quality can not be guaranteed, luxury website will face a large number of consumer groups flow". If the fake things in particular, and ultimately it will be difficult to survive, abandoned by consumers.

third, consumers worry about customer service service to have a guarantee I checked the data, a reference data: at present, the international big luxury business sales network is very cautious, direct authorization to the possibility of third party network platform is almost zero; and the current domestic luxury site to get the goods are taking advantage of the foreign clearance price when coming from overseas purchasing, online shopping platform not authorized certificate and declaration. As a result, the user to buy the product if there is a defect, it is difficult to guarantee after-sales service, and even can not return. I have friends around to get bad quality products, hit in the hands of the.

fourth heavy, there is no return to the scene experience more. Women love shopping, the most important reason is, try try the online shopping experience, but less of this important link, so many people get the goods, and feel the Internet to see too much difference, they choose to return, many electricity providers websites are aware of the importance of experience, style all their own to launch their own experience, to experience the preferred way to attract buyers, but go earlier column businesses have achieved great success. Luxury electricity supplier, the experience is more important, but the actual operation up, because the virtual network tools, too realistic feeling.

in fact, many of the seemingly rash and too much in haste luxury electric providers, it is a fact that eating dark loss, hit the reputation earned a reputation space. The real storm, it is estimated that the rest will not be too much. Of course, this one does not mean that there is no hope of luxury electricity supplier. Say four breakthrough: the first approach: the traditional luxury agents and companies to build their own luxury electricity supplier website. It takes a unique and long term