Yue Hao user trust is the key to the development of e commerce

enterprises to carry out e-commerce, mainly through the B2B platform and B2C platform to achieve. The B2B platform is like Alibaba, hc360.com e-commerce website, we can build a simple home in these sites, the supply and demand information released to deal. And more cases we are through the B2B platform to introduce the target customers to their own website, to achieve the ultimate transaction. B2C platform is mainly through self built online shopping mall or on the development of online ordering function to form a transaction. Whether it is the user led to our corporate website to facilitate the transaction, or through the formation of online shopping mall to form orders, Yue Hao feel the most critical point is to obtain user trust. If you can not get the user’s trust, even if your product quality is good, price concessions, the user will be skeptical of the company’s products and services, in turn to choose other businesses.

whether it is corporate website or online mall, there are some similarities, as long as we do these places, you can win the trust of users. Generally speaking, in order to win the trust of users, it is necessary to start from the two aspects of internal and external website. The following Ho Ho and we need to talk about the specific needs of the internal website which needs to be improved outside the site, in order to win the trust of users.

, the site itself needs to be improved

1, website design style to meet the user’s visual aesthetic

when a new user to enter the site, his evaluation of the site and the first impression is largely determined by the appearance of the site. Therefore, the design of the site must be the atmosphere, the site must match the color of the industry characteristics and corporate culture. The design style of the website is mainly affected by the collocation of color, the layout of the content, the choice of the picture, the modification of the details and so on. About how to achieve a good user experience in the design, we can refer to another article Yue Hao " site to achieve a good user experience of the three main aspects of " the author, discussed in the.

2, website " about our " or " company introduction " the content of the forum must be rich

in order to obtain the user’s trust, we must first let the user know us. The more users know about us, the more we trust. The same is true of human interaction, two people from the realization of mutual trust often need to go through a period of time, and this time is to fully understand each other. Without full understanding, trust is impossible.

both the corporate Web site or online mall, to allow users to quickly and thoroughly understand us, it must be through " about us " or " " company; the section for the enterprises to conduct a more detailed description and presentation, and the content of the more abundant and can get the user’s trust. The founding of the company

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