Ni Zhengdong President of clear online shopping this year explosive growth

China’s Internet industry, from now until the next 2 years, is ushering in the wave of the listing of the climax of the second." The day before, said Zero2IPO group president Ni Zhengdong to accept the "First Financial Daily" interview, "the tide China Internet companies listed on the first wave to Chinese brought Baidu, grand Sohu, such enterprises, a new round of listing tide, we can see the wireless Internet e-commerce and other fields, will have the same excellent organic company."

Ni Zhengdong appears in 1999 and 2000 as the portal China Internet companies led by Nasdaq, led to the concept Chinese network the first wave gradually developed a number of portals, online games and Internet search company. The upcoming wave of the second wave of the Internet market, people will be seen in a number of e-commerce sites, video sites, SNS social networking sites and wireless Internet companies concurrent listing.

Mcglaughlin listed, I believe that next year we can see a number of B2C listed companies." Ni Zhengdong optimistic about B2C companies, due to the explosive growth of online shopping this year. Jingdong mall, for example, in 2009, Jingdong mall annual sales of only 3 billion 700 million yuan. According to data released by Jingdong mall vice president Xu Lei a few months ago, Jingdong mall sales in the first 8 months of 2010 has been close to $6 billion, in 2010 there are 99% possible annual sales exceeded $10 billion.

in order to catch up with this batch of listings, sponsored by the Qing Branch Group in the Chinese high growth enterprise CEO summit, said Ni Zhengdong has voted with a Mcglaughlin, dream bazaar, wheat bags, buy nets, nine diamond net and so on.

Qing Research Center statistics show that in 2006~2009 China’s e-commerce B2C industry and related fields a total investment of 95 pen, involving companies of 44, the disclosure of the investment amount of $604 million. The second quarter of 2010 China B2C E-business has occurred 16 investments, of which 13 pen to disclose the amount of investment, the total investment amount of $138 million, the average investment amount of $10 million 610 thousand, higher than that in 2008, the business market in 2009 the average investment amount of electronic B2C.

In addition to

e-commerce, video website is now close to the end of flowering, although the industry profit model for the Internet there are a lot of questions, there are still a number of video sites are eager for a fight.

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