Shen Tong denounced the 35 million cross border online supermarket executives do dig feet from Ali

courier companies increasingly fierce cross-border. Following the industry leader SF EXPRESS to create the SF preferred high-end online supermarket after another Shentong express gangster invested about 35 million yuan to build a business platform "love to buy super net", also will be formally launched tomorrow. In order to build this platform, love to buy super network from Alibaba and other electricity supplier companies and supermarkets and other retail enterprises dug a lot of professionals. Moreover, STO as an investor, does not participate in specific operations, only responsible for online supermarket distribution, warehousing and other services.

According to informed sources,

, love to buy super network positioning and mode similar to the shop No. 1, the main food and daily chemical products, department stores and small appliances supplement. Love to buy super net to achieve the established objectives, the market will expand from Zhejiang to other areas. It is understood that the first phase of love to buy super net investment of about 50 million yuan, by STO holdings of 70%, a company called fulcrum investment VC and part of the natural team equity.

love to buy super market Director Ren Chao said, food and daily consumption is a large household daily expenses. At present, the annual sales of tens of billions of supermarkets have dozens, but the line in addition to shop 1, there are no similar sites on the scale of second. There is still a lot of gaps in the market, at least two or three large electricity providers can survive".

although the courier companies are dabbling in electronic business platform, but with the practice of SF EXPRESS is different, love to buy super network is not self built distribution team, but its trunk and part of the transfer station and Shen Tong share. At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of delivery, love to buy super net plans to build some self in the community, and to support cash on delivery.

electricity supplier analysts said that the courier sent and excellent business, to the upper reaches of the extension is due to its natural advantages in the field of distribution and warehousing. Moreover, electricity providers do logistics courier, but also to enhance the quality of service, enhance the user experience.

and STO net before SF EXPRESS, enter the field of electricity providers are quite cautious. In the category and market choice, is to take the breakthrough strategy. SF preferred to do is high-end food, currently only in Beijing market. Love to buy Super Food and daily products, starting from the Zhejiang market. Two courier companies select the category can highlight enterprise distribution advantage, and from a steady market.

however, intense competition in the field of electricity supplier, the supply chain management requirements are higher, not every company can "overnight". For example, SF preferred to create SF EXPRESS, despite the use of cold chain logistics and other high-quality delivery means, but its brand for consumers is still in the stage of cultivation. And now, Jingdong mall, shop 1 logistics and courier services have been quite in place, compared with the traditional courier companies, these electricity providers may do better.

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