Network network to help out the Spanish football night celebration sports P anti warming reunion hu

Following the May 25th

news, and music as sports "super" IP successfully launch eco-beer Groot (Gloryt), the network network on like a raging fire in the Champions League final, La Liga giants success realignment not only the success of fans stimulate the excitement, also let the sports network network IP anti heating up again.

last night, by holding up search music as sports football "hosted by the Spanish football night reception ushered in the La Liga union president Javier Tebas and the Spanish League delegation famous a pedestrian, to celebrate the Royal, La Liga giants Atletico successfully meet UEFA Champions League final.

network network as the official sponsor of the wine reception day, under paragraph two of high quality Wine: from the Italy Cavalli red cards Wine, Australia Wine full back Peter Limon Lyle Bhai. Caavalli, deputy Wine with clear persistent dry red fruit aromas, is elegant on behalf of Wine, Lelby Wine is a peach, citrus taste fresh taste, fruity, pleasant. Two the quality of red wine in the cup, Spanish Football League member collision field athletes, media and fans, to witness the glory of spain. At the same time, wine and music as sports network jointly launched ecological Grote beer (Gloryt) product image also appeared together.


Caavalli, vice Wine Hui "brand dry red Spanish football night"

sports and wine is an excellent natural partner undoubtedly, is also from the sports network network IP insights into a huge commercial potential. Since the beginning of the establishment of "eco wine life world" strategy, ecological network network operators continue cultivating sports products, IP brand, to reconstruct the industrial ecological value, continue to create a new growth point in the increasingly diversified consumer market.

in the operation of the product level, bundled super IP launched eco-beer Groot (Gloryt) is a typical attempt to create music as sports network network products to play Internet ecosystem. As China’s first IP sports, has a huge fan groups and consumer market potential. By bundling "Grote beer ecology" and "ecological content bar" Lebar, not only to the two points behind IP billion level sports food consumer market dividend, more wine consumption market has injected fresh vitality to the ecological, bring new consumer products, scene experience for consumers.


"Groot" eco-beer (Gloryt) product image

in addition to IP sports content, network network has foresight to develop sports star commercial potential. In the future, the music, as the sport will output a large number of sports star resources, the two sides will cooperate to play the power of ecological marketing to the extreme. It is understood that in June the upcoming opening of the eco bar Lebar, fans will be in close contact with the sports star small meeting, sports star, LETV > signature

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