New trends in foreign trade B2B B2C thinking to promote the operation of B2B

foreign trade B2B after years of development, due to the promotion of a single mode and the same mode of operation, the development of the new bottleneck. A lot of foreign trade enterprises in foreign trade promotion often complain of poor results, the effect of declining platform, search engine marketing and too professional, orders began to decline, the inquiry quality is not high, basically is the reason of these promotion platform. Of course, the network to promote the company itself has a certain factor, but the root cause is the impact of foreign trade enterprises in the mindset of thinking, there should be some breakthroughs in thinking. Intel believed that since the 08 years of foreign trade B2C mode of operation is to start raging like a storm, a new thinking angle of these B2B business promotion, the enterprise should do B2B marketing to marketing thinking B2C.

as everyone knows, B2C e-commerce model is actually all the business site in the form of a station type, of course, B2B’s business model is difficult to finish this way one stop on the site, but many of the way is to learn.

, transparency of the transaction process.

price, logistics mode, transaction mode, payment method, after sales service, the solution of common problems, etc. This is basically transparent display on B2C’s website. For B2C customers, which means that this is a fair deal, the price of such a logistics, such payment is not for a customer, all customers to trade is the case. Transparent information display means fair. Although the B2B transaction is completely transparent, and completely regular rules is impossible, but we can learn to make the information more transparent. Let customers know a little more detailed, you can get more sense of trust.

two, product description of multi-dimensional, three-dimensional.

have a certain understanding of the B2C, more than ninety percent of the b2C website product presentation and description is three-dimensional, multi-dimensional. The product map front, side, side, rotation angle chart display, video, text recommendation, detailed specifications, technical parameters should be more detailed and more detailed. B2B? More simple is very simple, finally this simple consequence is that lead to the needs of the needs of customers, no need to talk to you a letter called inquire consult, you can understand exactly what kind of products and services, even if you ask after the day after the reason you will not. Because the customer is to have a spectrum of heart, what you want, what kind of suppliers, a matching communication is effective, do not match each action at wasting time.

three, diversification of marketing channels.

do B2C promotion channels can be said to be quite a lot, it can be said that the emergence of the market every new way out of the B2C website will basically be applied quickly. But B2B, in addition to Alibaba, Globalsources these B>