Four buy site hold Jingdong thigh or pave the way for the sprint PO

newspaper news (reporter Li Bin) yesterday, the reporter from the mall Jingdong (micro-blog) and group purchase website was informed that the tick, handle, Wowo, full group purchase website will reach an agreement with the Jingdong, to guarantee a profit and settled into the model of Jingdong became the first Jingdong in the group purchase, the independent third party group purchase group purchase website. This is the latest layout of the Jingdong open strategy in the field of buy.

handle network (micro-blog), vice president Niu Lihua said that if the docking work smoothly, the local network service products will appear in the recent Jingdong group channel. Niu Lihua also said that the future will be customized specifically for the Jingdong to handle network of local services and products, and the two sides will jointly build customer service service platform to protect the interests of consumers.

tick group vice president Zhu Min said that after the completion of docking with the Jingdong store, tick group will selectively be part of local service projects on the Jingdong group purchase platform. Zhu Min said, the strategic goal of setting the internal tick group from the beginning of April is a big, to the end of June this year for the first time to achieve profitability.

Jingdong’s requirements for open platform partners almost harsh, divided and punishment mechanisms clear. The cooperation of the Jingdong and handle network, full, tick, litters that several of the just the overall strategy of the first group purchase platform, the future will have high quality group purchase service provider access platform more Jingdong. Handle, full of hope and rumors are Jingdong signed exclusive contract, but was refused to Jingdong. At present, handle and has sold out and Jingdong reached an agreement, and several other still in negotiations to sign the agreement.

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Jingdong or pave the way for the sprint


Internet analyst Sun Jie pointed out that Jingdong has a huge user base, which is the most important reason to buy the site settled in. Jingdong’s own group buying business launched just over a year on record is not good, Jingdong will focus on the focus of this year’s business development.

buy navigation website group 800 co-founder Hu Chen believes that this cooperation will help reduce the operating costs of both sides, in terms of channel and user resources to achieve the advantages of sharing. Jingdong mall is changing in the past to self based image, rich in the way of cooperation, accelerate the progress of preparing for the sprint IPO.