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Free Trade Zone in Guangdong Nansha area, before the official listing, and the hyacinth, Wyatt preferred three cross-border electricity supplier Nansha cross-border commodity experience center awarding start operation. The move to inject vitality into cross-border electricity business, the industry believes that with the trade in the border policy and taxation rules have been good landing, Nansha is expected to become an important import commodities circulation. But there are also those who believe that the trade, Nansha free trade zone near Hongkong, will replace some small commodity trading, commodity e-commerce industry or difficult to gather.

cross-border electricity supplier segmentation sea Amoy cake

listing of the FTA has attracted a large number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, some of the projects will be launched to market only a few months of operation. According to the person in charge of the hyacinth project introduction, Nansha free trade zone experience center and online shopping mall will be "offline experience center + online purchase platform" O2O business model has been confirmed in more than and 30 shops, foreign goods shelves up to tens of thousands of species, covering food, health care products, milk powder, baby products, cosmetics, clothing bags, electrical appliances, digital products and many other products. The platform was established in January this year, announced that it will test in May 1st.

Trade Finance said to the NetEase, for cross-border electricity supplier, little difference in free trade zone and bonded zone, and hydropower, higher labor costs, but because of the corporate income tax rate is low, the formation must be good for small businesses.

NetEase finance learned previously opened bonded stores in downtown Guangzhou, baby products are the beauty of panic buying will offer Wyatt preferred experience of free trade zone in the center of the project responsible person, as of now, Wyatt preferred experience in Nansha stores are still planning, no specific landing.

iResearch predicts that by 2016 the domestic cross-border electricity supplier transaction size is expected to reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of the total size of imports and exports continue to rise to, 2014-2016 transaction scale compound growth rate of up to 28%. This part of the increase in direct crowding out domestic trade market, but the present situation is not for the province of O2O enterprises form the impact, a company official said on the financial NetEase, cross-border electricity supplier will indeed cut part of the market, but the industry has been used gradually increased cross-border business environment, for consumers, the main export line is still in the consumer experience in the future, with the supply chain convergence, influence will be more and more small.

B2B enterprises difficult to gather

similarly, there are cross-border electricity supplier B2B (business to business) commodity trading. For example, iron and steel, chemical raw materials, electronic parts through the electronic business platform online sales, the transaction amount is also a few hundred or even one hundred thousand.

according to statistics, the world has more than 90% international trade for B2B trade, compared with B2C (business to consumer) cross-border transactions or is part of a very small, although the development is very rapid, but in quite a long period of time, are very difficult to become the main stream.

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