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‘s most famous shopping platform Taobao 6 released the sea Amoy report for the past ten years. It is understood that the national sea Amoy 10 years, more than more than and 100 countries and regions, there are more than 2 million online overseas goods on sale. 2015 is the sea Amoy the largest increase in a year, the first half of the total population accounted for the new sea Amoy 28%, far higher than in previous years.

Dongguan municipal government since 2014, the overall layout of cross-border electricity supplier in the field, and introduced a series of supportive policies, so that cross-border electricity supplier usher in explosive growth. In this wave of cross-border electricity boom, export electricity supplier has maintained a high spirited, while some entrepreneurs are Zoupian Jian Feng, in the import electricity supplier that is still in the embryonic stage in the field of cross-border electricity supplier first to seize the territory.

analysis of the industry, Dongguan has a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and convenient customs clearance, export electricity supplier in Dongguan whole industry chain of cross-border electricity supplier development is good.

passengers get together to import electricity supplier

Dongguan local Internet companies Guangdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd Quik is the first to enter the import business electricity supplier, in June this year, the electricity supplier Quik established the first cross-border bonded direct purchase experience store in Dongguan, to provide the United States, native to Holland, South Korea, Germany, Australia and other countries a total of nearly a thousand kinds of imported goods, including milk, diapers, mask, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and other dozens of categories of imported goods, involving hundreds of brands.

CEO Wu Yuening is a business Quik computer younger guests, the various Internet business model for real-time attention and have their own unique insights. In the electricity supplier in the import business, in his view, is to explore the blue ocean exploration.

also, at the beginning of 2015, Dongguan City e-commerce company creators cloud providers have begun for the cross-border import business platform for entrepreneurship preparation. In February, according to the cloud provider company would most popular sea Amoy baby products, on-line online mall cross-border import electricity supplier.

previously, most of the cross-border import business in the gray zone. 2014, the introduction of the "No. 56" in the future, overseas shopping will be submitted to the corresponding list of goods for customs clearance procedures, personal items will be based on the current postal tax levy. The future is not a list of goods, list of goods, customs formalities for cross-border electricity supplier and overseas purchasing behavior, will be suspected of smuggling.


is currently in the implementation of the standard is still difficult to form, but to import electricity supplier companies can circumvent the legal risks and legal protection. In the business concept cloud platform as an example, this platform is taking the bonded import + overseas direct mail mode, the establishment of a logistics warehouse in the bonded area of their products from abroad, transported to the bonded area, where it could be sent to all parts of the country.

is located in Songshan Lake of the Mdt InfoTech Ltd will take direct purchase of fuka direct sales model, with the United States well-known enterprises cooperation in supply chain, through their business platform, the small and medium-sized foreign brands.