From sell to sell the brand stars how to prepare

news December 15th, billion state power network that last night, known as the red net electricity supplier pioneer group stars in its brand feast announced that the focus of the stars will be more days after incubation of IP brand to "sell the brand" instead of "sellers".


according to the star group CEO Liu Yang introduction, from the beginning of 2014, the stars and celebrities to cooperate, according to the characteristics of celebrities, to match the overseas supply chain. And the stars first took over the well-known commentators five sacred mountains scattered people shop, mainly works by celebrities and overseas supply chain, operations team cooperation, Liu Yang said the shop sales doubled several times.

stars said that as of 2015, the stars have been working with more than 20 large V, the same year sales reached 160 million yuan.

and talk about the shift to IP brand incubator, realize the reason from "sell" to "sell the brand", said Liu Yang is a celebrity and shop number of fans grew after the upgrading of business needs, on the other hand is red net electricity supplier competition.

in the incubation of the IP brand this thing, Liu Yang revealed that from the end of 2015, the stars will cooperate with well-known brands and manufacturers at home and abroad, the use of celebrity shop fans, began their own brand of incubation. Liu Yang said that the main brand of its incubation to high quality, health, consumer oriented upgrade for the concept of brand power, product force as the core competitiveness.

It is reported that

, the stars gradually hatch cultural celebrities Wang Xiaoshan Japanese wine brand "dream is" wine brand "HILLKING"; famous delicacy blogger Wang Dachu sauce brand "miso king"; well-known commentators, high-end brand seasonings scattered five mountains "eight tail", as well as the brand "star Li Ai’s way of life not breathing".

In addition to

, not for domestic consumers familiar with the overseas outstanding brand, its brand and products into the stars China, to add labels, formed a series of products of the scene, and then through the promotion of celebrities. Such as creative stationery, groceries, kitchen utensils, etc..

addition, the stars for the incubation of its own brand, in July 2015 on their own independent online business platform – stars preferred. Liu Yang said, the stars is the goal of the incubation of the China brand made the brand a century brand originality.

billion state power network to understand, the stars is preferably a brand as the center, with "a product of a shop (a brand shop)" for the idea of the platform. Star side said that the current platform has 700 thousand users.

public information, the stars group from its inception in 2014 has raised nearly 35 million, with red net electricity supplier, IP brand incubator, overseas brand agent, mobile business platform, warehousing, overseas investment (Japan) six business modules. At present, there are more than 100 employees, their headquarters >