Pig CMS micro Hotel V2 0 heavy landing hotel marketing opens a new model

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11 buddies to hand in the record?? regardless of so much, small to declare one thing — we highly anticipated CMS V2.0 hotel to the micro pig today! (beta Xiaobian highlights its have been blind, now can’t wait to share the application of the hanging fried day and everyone.



micro Hotel V2.0 heavy landing, hotel marketing open a new model

pig CMS micro Hotel V2.0 what is


CMS micro Hotel V2.0, is designed for the hotel industry and the development of the industry. It can comprehensive service for hotel operators for mobile end hotel exhibition, online booking, check-out, payment, order management, hotel operations and management, to provide professional marketing for WeChat, the whole hotel industry solutions.

next, let Xiaobian for a comprehensive analysis of the pig CMS micro Hotel V2.0 wonderful place.

The hotel room management, professional



micro Hotel V2.0 support hotel in the background to add the hotel room type and room, and can quickly assign and manage the customer’s reservation room.

1, room type management:

hotel in the independent room type, such as standard room, deluxe room, single room, etc.. At the same time, you can also add details such as the size of the room, reserved time, network, floor, bed width and other information, as well as upload more than one room pictures.

full range of 360° to show customers the specific circumstances of the room, easy for customers to obtain information quickly, and according to the needs of booking.

2, room management:

support the hotel to add and delete the room, including batch add and delete, super convenient management room.

need to focus on is that, in the "room management" item, the hotel can be a room for the manual entry of customer reservation information, and according to the customer to store situation to determine "live".

customers return a house, the hotel according to check out the details, the independent choice of "designated staff check-out" or "all check-out".

designated personnel to check out: specify an order in the room to check out.

all check out: all orders of the room are all checked out.

two, Fangxing price management flexibility

pig CMS micro Hotel V2.0 in the hotel room price settings, but also new, playing a new height. According to the room, the hotel can set the regular price and special date price.

regular price:

is also the daily price of the hotel room, the hotel can be set according to the week. For example, Monday to Friday, the average price, the weekend can be >