Double 12 promotion to electricity supplier price war analysis that has bled

traffic increase less than double 11 half, discount promotions rare, alternative promotions emerge; consumers say it is difficult to mention enthusiasm

news (reporter Liu Xia Ling the) compared to the "double 11" yesterday, "double 12" promotional discount is not price war face electricity supplier, basically does not appear. Consumers did not appear enthusiastic situation. According to the data show that compared to the previous day, the main electricity supplier website double 12 traffic grew by only 78%, less than half of the double flow rate of increase of the day of 11.

influence far less than double 11

According to a NetEase

data, as of 5 pm yesterday, compared with the previous day website overall traffic rose 78%, previously, a NetEase released data show that as of 5 pm on November 11th, the electricity supplier website overall traffic rose 177%, 12 double flow double rose less than half of 11.

yesterday, several major electricity supplier which only Dangdang, Yi Xun network two disclosed the double 12 sales. As of 12 noon, overall sales exceeded 50 million, including clothing subscription exceeded 10 million, the responsible person, "double 12 double 11 is expected to break the record single day sales record of 1 hundred million." Yi Xun said its number of orders will exceed 200 thousand, sales are expected to exceed the double 11 day.

, however, the more electricity supplier turned to alternative promotions, emphasizing interaction and fun. For example, Taobao is no longer asking for a discount rate, Jingdong mall sent beauty express delivery, easy fast network stressed that one day three send".

appliance manufacturers are not price war as the core competitiveness, leading to its influence is far weaker than the double 11. "Help buy 5" data analysis, "double 12" on the same day, the main business B2C clear discount less, have launched coupons, gifts, integral member discounts, envelopes and other "invisible preferential rebate".

consumers are not buying, MashaSanity users commented that the seller did not look like the same prices very disappointed. Insiders said that due to the presence of businesses to clear inventory, and the financial results ending, electricity providers are often willing to at the end of "artificial Festival", but through "double 11" after the drawbacks get exposed, consumers difficult to "double 12" bring enthusiasm.

double 11 sequelae still in

insiders said, "double 11" exposed out of stock, delays in delivery, unable to login and other issues so that many consumers regret, and "double 12" is to some extent make up for "double 11", although during the double 12 only hit 50 percent off price, from the sales data that price is still an important factor to impress consumers.


micro-blog certified for the electricity supplier operations director Edward Beijing Yongsheng trading company Laosong on micro-blog said that this year the electricity supplier price war, from 618 to 815, from 11 to 12 double double, frequent electricity supplier price war.