EBay does not concede to Taobao betting on cross border electricity again challenge

eBay in the history of the development of China’s electricity supplier to leave too much regret that the company is to adjust the new course. In November 18th, eBay announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement and Yitong million Mdt InfoTech Ltd, together to provide cross-border logistics services more efficient for eBay China businesses, which is well-known cross-border supply chain solutions provider. And this cooperation means that eBay will strive to build foreign trade B2C business. Lost a bureau in the China C2C electricity market, the U.S. electricity supplier giant hope to regain a bureau in the field of cross-border electricity supplier.

this is not without a chance. The current eBay still has 152 million active users worldwide, covering the world’s more than and 30 sites, as well as the release of goods by individuals or businesses of the more than 500 million. It’s payment software PayPal in the world has more than 157 million active users, services throughout the world in 193 countries and regions, a total of support for the payment of the transaction in the currency of 26, daily processing volume of nearly 8 million pen. These huge data for eBay China has brought confidence.

2003 eBay acquisition eBay, officially entered the Chinese electricity supplier market. At that time Chinese eBay is the leader in the field of online auction, accounted for nearly 80% of the market share, and eBay itself is the online auction giant, two of the joint venture company can occupy the most advantageous position in the electricity supplier industry China.

but a few years later, even if eBay invested $300 million in Chinese business, but still failed to get their desired results. EBay eBay in China’s electricity supplier market share continues to decline, in 2006 its market share fell to 20%, was Alibaba’s Taobao and Tencent’s pat Network beyond.


, by the end of 2006, eBay decided to transfer the shares of eBay, and TOM Online set up a joint venture, TOM holdings eBay 51% shares, eBay promised not to carry out in China in the year to compete with eBay business in. Also in this year, eBay changed the existing strategy, the focus will be transferred to the development of cross-border electricity supplier business.

2007, eBay.cn (eBay China) on the line, the main foreign trade mode of cross-border electricity supplier B2C. At that time, cross-border e-commerce is just a concept, in the face of foreign consumers of the Dunhuang network, Lanting Pavilion set potential has just started. It is clear that eBay wants to use its own advantages in the international market to attract the interest of Chinese businessmen.

2012, eBay and eBay officially divorced, and appointed Lin Yizhang of Taiwan as the new CEO. Lin Yizhang said that today’s eBay in China will be more cautious, we must invest in high profits. This is why we did not comeback for the Chinese individual users to do B2C, the reason why the introduction of eBay global businesses." EBay the main direction of the development of the past two years, the Chinese businessmen to build cross-border retail