Shenzhen shop relaxed access conditions or will have electronic identity card

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Zhang Wei Intern / Liao Shaomin) "Shenzhen will strive to foster e-commerce market, broaden access conditions; the traditional market model will introduce the electronic commerce mode, the formation of new market format……" Yesterday, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and administration on the promotion of the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce market in Shenzhen, a number of opinions (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) and the company held a seminar to seek the recommendations of the parties. The "opinion" after revision, will be formally introduced in the first half of next year, will be the Shenzhen e-commerce market formally introduced from disorderly and orderly development, from business access, transaction security, the integrity of the market, consumer rights and other aspects to promote the benign development into the fast track. At the same time, the electronic commerce for the issuance of electronic name card, electronic license and domain name (or IP address) and filing system, improve the operation of the main electronic commerce identity identification; be online publicity to the main business of electronic commerce basic information and credit information, strengthen the security of online transactions.

currently has more than and 300 e-commerce companies in Shenzhen, engaged in e-commerce based services or channel sales of more than 3000 companies, more than half of enterprises through various e-commerce sites to carry out business. In the field of e-commerce related to the emergence of a large number of Tencent, thunder, A8 music and other key enterprises. HUAWEI, Vanke, CIMC and other large well-known companies are also actively using this model to enhance the competitiveness of the industry chain, driven by the development of electronic commerce and the corresponding.

and in the e-commerce consumer terminals, Shenzhen has become the largest consumer terminal in China’s e-commerce, e-commerce spending power in the country first. Including Taobao, excellence, Dangdang and other large sites, including online shopping market trading volume, at least 30% from Shenzhen. The trading volume, Alibaba 20% 10% of Baidu’s revenue from Shenzhen;,, Dangdang three into trading volume also from Shenzhen. The major e-commerce companies are heavily guarded Shenzhen market, Baidu’s headquarters in Southern China, global resources Chinese operational headquarters, qianchengwuyou China operational headquarters, China headquarters in Southern China, Southern China mainone network headquarters are located in Shenzhen.

But after the development of

e-commerce market has the characteristics of spontaneity, disorder of the office, the "opinions" to implement unified supervision and services for e-commerce, and strive to build Shenzhen local well-known e-commerce enterprises.

according to the "opinions" of the idea of drafting Shenzhen, in addition to supporting large-scale e-commerce enterprises, corporate headquarters, industry leading enterprises in Shenzhen, will also strive to foster a number of local well-known e-commerce service brand, to support e-commerce enterprises in electronic authentication, electronic payment, credit evaluation, modern logistics and other areas of key technologies, equipment and research and development of software patent or computer software copyright registration. At the same time by government forces, the integration of Shenzhen industries and key industries and e-commerce, and through e-commerce driven optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, Shenzhen will gradually change to the traditional economic development model combined with knowledge economy and network economy.

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