Analysis do electricity supplier operators need to comply with four tips

many people feel like some e-commerce sites for feeling, increase the turnover rate compared with. However, there are some skills, combined with their own experience, and we exchange, in their own plant after planting, so that more rabbits hit.

first, do a good job site

First of all,

should do their own website, so that their website to allow consumers to trust. It takes a little hard work. First of all, their own site to have a more reliable security payment system, to ensure the absolute safety of consumers. Whether or not to build their own professional website construction company to do, to ensure that their web site enough hard".

here is worth discussing, in the website construction, should give full consideration to the product page of the user browsing habits, can highlight to sell products to products, so that consumers understand the company’s products in a very short period of time.

second, to attract users as members of

for Taobao and other large e-commerce sites or platforms, because large enough, so consumers tend to many. For the general enterprise e-commerce sites or the majority of small and medium-sized e-commerce sites, users often have a strong group. For example, some of the industry’s Web site is aimed at users in the same industry, some cosmetics mainly for female users. Therefore, our site is to find ways to gather popularity, attract people who have intention to become a member of their own website, it is necessary to play our own marketing ability. In order to attract "rabbit", we have to put a certain amount of energy or cost in their own "plant" around a good weed".

on the one hand, we can through the search engine optimization promotion, on the other hand we need in some forums or large websites put some ads or take some effort to send some post, let everyone know. We can choose to buy a certain amount of authority in some of the ads on the site, a number of news sites on a number of high quality soft Wen, skills to promote their own.

third, real-time communication is very important

why is it important to communicate in real time, because it’s a matter of letting the user take the initiative to come up to your website, and it’s a good thing to do?. The customer came, and not necessarily buy your stuff, it is likely to look at, ask only. After we receive the customer’s message, if no one immediately responded, then lost a chance to buy a drainage client. Because if customers really want to buy, but there are a lot of questions to understand, this time, we need to take the initiative to help customers, so that they know as much as possible their products, so determined to buy.

e-commerce learnt how to guide customers, some attention when users browse detailed statistics on their product information, targeted in advance to do homework for these users care about the details, and supplement to their products on their website, so as to improve.

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