Gong Yuguo looking for Com growth points

Gong Yuguo is one of the earliest Internet Co operators. In 1995, he joined the new information technology Co., Ltd. Beijing pen. Two years later, the company opened the ChinaByte website, it is the first to the original IT news site, is the first commercial website. Gong Yuguo, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, executive general manager, has been the general manager, he led the ChinaByte was the highest single page advertising revenue Internet Co. After that, he entered the IT168 site, improving the entire site architecture. His understanding and handling of the information is very profound, perhaps all thanks to his training in classical literature.

to participate in the establishment of China’s first commercial website

graduated from the Department of classical Chinese literature, Peking University, I worked for seven years as a newspaper reporter. In 1995 because of a brother’s recommendation, I joined the people’s daily and Murdoch’s News Corporation is the formation of the joint venture company, served as assistant general manager of china. At that time the Internet has just begun to commercialize. Foreign to see this trend, proposed to the Internet industry. People’s daily and news group invested 2 million 700 thousand U.S. dollars to apply for the establishment of PDN (pen electric new) information technology company. PD refers to the people’s daily, N news group.

1996, China began to try the Internet business. In the first batch of access service provider ISP which has PDN, our license is 007. Although we have ISP business qualifications, but did not do ISP business, but the risk of doing a direct ICP (information provider business). At that time the Internet has no road car, Chinese information is very scarce. We put forward the slogan of "in China, in Chinese, for the Chinese", to establish a Chinese website in china. In terms of content, we have envisaged the contents of the people’s daily on the Internet, but also envisaged the financial aspects of the content, but finally decided to do IT information. This is mainly due to operational considerations. IT does not involve sensitive topics such as politics is the most secure, then contact the Internet up to 100 thousand people are mostly IT people, they are most concerned about is the IT. In this way, pen electric founder of China’s first commercial website www.ChinaByte.com. Website named ChinaByte, inspired by the United States Byte.com.

January 15, 1997, the official website. At that time, the traditional media is not willing to share resources with the website, so we have taken the editorial team to create their own route. The first is the foreign translation introduced, then try to do some of their content in the translation process, gradually put into practice the traditional media websites in China, and finally form a complete news, comment on the work flow.

we have done a lot of pioneering work on content building. For example, when we first do the celebrity interviews, the first phase of the Internet entrepreneurs and Real Estate > Reds Wang Juntao

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