High frequency O2O niche Jiezhuang fight is the strategic vision and market patience

this year, home improvement O2O very hot, home improvement O2O is also very cold. Hot is the people, now there are more and more companies scrambling to participate in the O2O market to explore the home improvement, cold is the market, it seems that the home improvement market itself did not make a positive market feedback O2O. The market is merciless and exciting easy cold, in a time around the wall decoration O2O winter four, actually home improvement O2O have been in the ice age, just before the expectations are too high.

high frequency O2O niche Jiezhuang effect time, the number of participants has yet to reshuffle

home improvement market is different from the traditional retail market, which is the most complex of all 2C consumer market, a special pan market. Only in the decoration of the complex problems, from design, procurement to construction, from building materials to Home Furnishing, which contains two categories of products and services, designers, electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, painters and other types of work, involving sand, cement, wood, tile, flooring and other weak, the basic building materials, and doors, lamps, chairs, bed, door, bathroom, cabinets, appliances, curtains, cabinet, sofa, water and other decorative items and daily necessities. Home improvement problem is so complex and diverse, the person in charge of the home decoration have certainly had a headache.

pan Jiezhuang market has a special niche, high price, low frequency, relative clothing, snacks, department stores, and other consumables for the mass market niche market Jiezhuang belongs to durable goods, only need Jiezhuang talent will pay attention to this market. Super high price Jiezhuang overall spending determines its ultra low frequency property of market, basically a family decoration End after 10 years will not have the demand for decoration, the most is some partial renovation and additions and other small problems. In turn, the characteristics of the market niche and low frequency determines the Jiezhuang market needs to maintain high gross profit at the same time, long service chain lead to market confusion and disorderly development difficult, high margin and market chaos, is the Internet Co of traditional industries to achieve the "+" entry point.

however, each industry has its own market cycle, when Internet plus home improvement, periodic problems become a major obstacle to restrict the explosive development of home improvement O2O. We know that these services idle away in seeking pleasure consumer market cycle short, passenger flow of consumption will be able to live, not immediately closed shop or transfer, so O2O two years of life service consumption is increasingly significant impact. Cycle clothing, baby, beauty, cosmetics, household appliances, 3C coverage of the daily needs of the masses in the retail industry by the impact of the electricity supplier to short a lot, but because Jiezhuang market itself is only a niche consumer market, users less means that the market development cycle is long, so the change of Internet plus Jiezhuang market failed to play the expected results.

traditional Jiezhuang market, the market demand is small and decentralized, the basic market environment greatly weakened the impact of the Internet plus. If the home improvement market is a high frequency of the mass market, home improvement O2O has long been an outbreak of the situation, of course, this is

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