Amoy Jingdong mutual pinch refraction electricity supplier embarrassment to sales or profit

B2C website competition war, continue to expand in 2012, the year of the Dragon Spring Festival shortly after staged a wonderful pinch.

there is no smoke in the competition, the core of the debate is the current Internet users are very concerned about the price. The fuse is a scouring network recently released "2011 quarter full network B2C business commodity price index", the index shows that the Jingdong store led B2C commodity prices, rose to 5%~15%. In this regard, Jingdong mall issued a counter attack, stressed that the price of 15% pure suicide". Dangdang Li Guoqing also pointed out that micro-blog mall mall price higher than dangdang. Subsequently, a Amoy network to respond to Jingdong, said statistics from the system crawl, non-human manipulation.

What is the

Jingdong mall "brought up"? The "daily economic news" reporter launched "against several B2C sites involved". In fact, this battle reflects the current bottleneck in the development of e-commerce website, after the rapid expansion of low prices, is to continue to pursue the growth in sales, or return to rational prices to enhance profitability?

The origin of


dataThe root of the

Jingdong with a cat fight, a scouring network published data, after entering the fourth quarter of 2011, the average price of domestic B2C market commodity showed rising trend, the network retail price increase is slightly higher than the CPI growth over the same period. Especially in the "eleven Golden Week" before and after reaching the highest point. At the same time, the fourth quarter of 2011 price increases led to the domestic Jingdong on the B2C website, from September 20, 2011 to January 2012, Jingdong prices continued to rise, the average price index remained at between 5%~15%, the price curve showed a strange shape of "M", the two most obvious price peak are at the beginning of last October and early December, prices rose more than 15%, far higher than other B2C businesses rose 0~5%.

in this regard, the Jingdong was furious, and released in Japan before the rebuttal statement. Jingdong said in a statement, the so-called B2C price monitoring group’s Alibaba issued a scouring network recently, Jingdong said prices led more than Tmall, rose as high as 15%, imagination is the evil behavior, unfounded, "neither Jingdong it is absolutely impossible to price 15%, it is Dutch act behavior."

the number of words in the statement, the Jingdong mall mood seemed more excited and said, "as a member of Chinese Ali electricity supplier industry, issued the so-called involved competitors report itself is lack of justice! We hope that Ali can concentrate on a large number of fake and smuggled goods clearance platform to do their own what! Instead of trying to attack competitors, to raise their own


subsequently, the reporter made a statement on this call Jingdong mall, the company has not been a positive interview. It is worth noting that micro-blog has been active in the mall Jingdong chairman Liu Qiangdong, this is not the first time to publish more views on the above events

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