Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional brands and Amoy brand

A traditional brand business has nearly a year’s time I entered the

, recently after a small meeting, the author summarizes the superiority and inferiority between traditional brand and Amoy brand, found that the two are not absolute advantages and disadvantages, is due to the different location.

relative to traditional brand Amoy brand, reputation in a louder, many consumers choose brands are used by the traditional media advertisement, it is easier to accept online products, higher awareness. So the premium will be higher. The author of the store’s gross profit margin will be higher Amoy brand, the same product, competitors may be only 20%, while the traditional brand has reached more than 35%. Therefore, it also determines the location of the Amoy brand is to take the amount of the main. For example, a explosion of from two to 12 to start selling, just two months sales reached 3000, and after the explosion of data analysis, although in sales faster, but a single product gross margin is less than 10%, is indeed very difficult. In other words, the high price of traditional brands, high gross profit margin, but the amount is relatively small, while the Amoy brand customer price slightly lower gross margin is low, the amount is relatively large.

but in the supply chain, Amoy brand is more flexible than the traditional brand response. The same hair products production, but the Amoy brand if it is only 20 days to the urgent delivery, while the traditional brand is 2 months, this month will create the Amoy brand sales of thousands and thousands of the explosion of the probability of success will be higher. For example, before the shop had few carefully selected products, the price ladder, the highest day sales reached 400, but because of the time reason, finally out of stock, the explosion so dead.

in the positioning of the product price, Amoy brand more flexible. For example, the price of 89 yuan on the market is the best-selling, it will be developed for the price of the corresponding products. And the price of the shoulders of a wider audience, but also to achieve sales of more than 5000 months. And we can only do pricing has identified more than 129 yuan, according to this price, can only do the business package, and because the audience area narrow, is not destined to become the monthly sales reached 5000 single product, can do 1000 is already very difficult.

again from the link of communication, Amoy brand more flexible. The sales staff can direct and factory docking, every day to expedite, so delivery time will be shorter, to create explosion models have a higher success rate. The traditional brand is impossible to do, the sales staff need to communicate more commodity groups, commodity groups and then communicate with the planning team, and then plan the group to communicate with the procurement team, and finally the procurement team to communicate with the factory. Through multiple links above, it is not difficult to understand why the normal delivery time is three months, soon to two months.

from the location of sales channels for the traditional brand is the whole network of multiple channels, channels of distribution of ground, that is to say although the sales volume is relatively large, but the light from the and Tmall brands.

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