Suning stores detailed online and offline price margin will not decline significantly

review] "shop is equivalent to another store, just 24 hours, location and the store makes no difference."

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on June 6th

Suning announced

days before, from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales will be achieved with the price of the same product with, which is an important step in Suning operation mode of O2O.

How to achieve the same price

line? Investors and suppliers is approved? The line will affect the price of Maori? In June 5th, Suning held a media communication strategy, the price of Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin, Su ningyun President Kim Ming Suning senior detailed line.

, a line of the same price for long for


Sun Weimin: the line of the same price, we have planned the first half of the year, from the end of last year began brewing. Earlier this year, Suning organizational structure adjustment, determine the development strategy of the integration of online and offline. The past is the line of two channels, two brands, two operating system; now become a company, two windows (Tesco and line shop), shared background inventory, logistics, information and services.

The operation process of

feel the fusion line is the same price bottleneck problem. We have in-depth communication and communication with suppliers, the majority of suppliers have been understanding and recognition.

last August, the line of the price in Beijing pilot, but that is the price, promotion type of local area and local price category, is the artificial price adjustment, is now the country to promote.

two, how to do online and offline


senior vice president Su ningyun Ren Jun: in June 8th, the full implementation of the line of the same price, means the complete integration of the background system, a procurement system, a customer management system, a set of operating system.

Sun Weimin: we have a clear commitment in inventory and logistics radiation with a commodity area, followed by commodity category 100%, commodity price is 100% if there is convergence, price is not consistent, it is not high.

in the past, is only for the entire network parity, today, Suning stores also participate in the whole network parity. Commodity, price, service, the price is the weight of the experience is very large, if the price is not competitive, the whole network parity will have no value.

but for some prices, Suning can not blindly follow up. For example, not on the scale of the enterprise, the price of the state can not be judged; there are a number of enterprises on the scale of certain types of products, may be as a gimmick and fishing, not necessarily to follow up. In more than 90% of the conventional commodity management, Suning price must be competitive.

three, online and offline price process, what are the difficulties and resistance of


Sun Weimin: the vast majority

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