What are the outstanding nternet startups from Shanghai

talk about China’s Internet giant, Beijing has Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Shenzhen Tencent, Guangzhou NetEase, Alibaba, Hangzhou…… Shanghai? Oh, a little thought of a big potato…… In the know about a "Shanghai what good Internet startups?" the answer, users generally believe that the economic strength of Beijing and Shanghai the Internet companies to be roughly the same, in terms of quantity and strength are less than Beijing some. Nevertheless, from the first wave of Internet China until now, Shanghai has a number of outstanding Internet enterprise, although some "decline", and even some fell, but has had an influence on a large number of Internet users, produced a number of Internet talent, or is the first subdivision industry…… These ten years of Internet enterprise "change" also can make people sigh, "the concept of history today", we know many stakeholders according to the answer to do a summary, so that this Shanghai Internet record prices of enterprises of more clearly presented in front of us:


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on the birth of the Internet Co in Shanghai, with personal memory and experience to write a little, welcome to add amendments –

2000 Internet first wave

1 "the maximum amount of financing, the team’s most luxurious" Yitang: two rounds of financing $40 million, a Harvard MBA, water consulting firm executives from the entrepreneurial team, the brand slogan "today you have large capacity Yitang, mail and other famous PR product highlights, the end result of founder Tang Haisong (Shanghai Fengxian outside the town of Tong people, rather than Nanhui) and entrepreneurial team target fuzzy, wavering strategy, weak implementation (this is especially important in the post bubble can not find living ways of making money), completely closed down in 2009.

2 "C2C e-commerce pioneer and successful exit": eBay founder Shao Yibo also in Shanghai, and Harvard MBA, elder sister and Tan Haiyin together to copy to the EBAY mode China, opened up Chinese C2C business market, and then become the two E billion together with the Shanghai Internet Co and Beijing Vicenza, is scenery; 2002 Shao Yibo to do good for the company to EBAY, personal success exit, now become a founding partner of matrix partners, how to be turned EBAY eBay Chinese beat Taobao to catch up with the story, has been the industry for having heard it many times.

3 "from the portal to travel booking service Ctrip: Ctrip was founded in early 2000 in the earliest follow the vertical portal a tourist information, with the changes in their own environment and adjust for later successful booking service for the familiar business. At that time, there is a Yilong in Beijing (http://s.elong.com) and the first billion competition after the bubble burst, the rapid transformation, follow up the travel booking service, and.

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