O2O is not only a new mode of production line trading is the kingly way

first introduced basic concepts of universal Baidu universal to everyone: O2O, O2O Online To Offline is offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. O2O there is no doubt that everyone is a hot bar, it is a new model, so that many sellers or businesses to see a broader business opportunities.

O2O electronic commerce mode in the eyes of ordinary people need to have four elements: the independent online store, the national certification authority industry trusted sites, online advertising network marketing, a comprehensive social media to interact with customers online. But I do not think so, I do not think it is necessary, although these thresholds for some large companies may be very low, they can do; but for small businesses and individuals seem impossible. But I have been advocating equality, a new model should also be equal to all, grassroots and ordinary companies should also enjoy this right.

O2O is not only a new mode, offline transaction creation is the kingly way. Why did the author throw such a judgment, it is because I have seen a variety of cases, from the heart of the idea. I have seen a lot of rich and powerful companies, they also have four elements usually said, it can be said that they have inherent advantages to O2O mode, but they seem to pay more attention to this form. Not really grasp the essence of O2O, that is to make the Internet or online transactions become the next line front, if the final line without any transaction, this mode is only a form of such a company or organization, no significance.

so I was gratified and optimistic about those small businesses and even individuals, although they do not have strong financial support, but they are more familiar with the product sales business and intentions, they face a variety of mode more flexible. These are also the author today to write this article to share with you the inspiration, today I go to work, colleagues suddenly asked whether to buy food. At that time, I thought, a weak woman suddenly took the initiative to help us to buy food, just when I doubt, she immediately sent the basic information of the food with QQ let us choose. The original is a small self-employed their products through online marketing but through the facade to inform customers and allow customers to choose goods, then sent directly to the door, he asked to have a minimum amount of over 39 yuan, I remember like goods can be delivered. The office staff inside it a small office with a consumer must have more than 39 yuan, and I consulted the clerk, he said that their business is very good so it took an hour to come over and apologize, but I think he is sweating and the bag of food will know this; the process of service down we all feel satisfied and not because there is relatively low price Window >

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