Rookie network average daily processing package has reached 57 million

Sina Technology News January 24th evening news, Alibaba announced as of last December’s quarterly earnings. Reported that its big data platform rookie network order processing capacity continues to improve, the average daily processing package has reached 57 million. During the last 11 years, rookie help businesses and logistics partners to deal with the 657 million parcels.

as a big data platform, rookie network shows the growth of geometric series. The rookie alliance intelligent warehouse distribution network as an example, the day the next day can provide services in more than 1000 counties. During the last 11 years, more than five shipments within the next 100 million days, becoming China’s largest open warehouse distribution network.

this shows the huge growth of young open ecology, is a big data victory, but also the energy of all logistics partners to cooperate." Rookie network president wunglin rookie said, will continue to increase investment in the future, adhere to the positioning data technology company, to promote the logistics industry in the intelligent logistics road stride.

data show that in 2016 11 double period, the delivery time of the order of the two further shortened to 3.5 days, compared with the day of 2013 and the shortest of 9 days in 2015 to 4 days. 2016 double 11, rookie League intelligent warehouse distribution network with more than 100 million shipments over the past five days.

at the same time, rookie cross-border logistics business is also growing rapidly. Rookie export volume of the largest 5 countries, the average logistics aging significantly improved, rookie bonded imports of aging has been faster to more than 3 days.

last year, double 11, single, intelligent electronic surface rookie single data products and other large power package full speed, shorten the delivery time of each package for a long time; tens of thousands of stations throughout the community, campus, since the establishment of the cumulative number of service one billion times; covering more than 20 thousand villages in rural network so that people in the village also enjoy the same day the next day service.

behind this is the wisdom of the logistics index of geometric growth. Rookie don’t have a car, a courier, through many positions, the nearest distribution, path optimization, single and single intelligent electronic surface and improve efficiency, and help the courier, through the data and technical collaboration and empowerment logistics partners, to show the great power of big data.

at present, has formed a rookie courier, warehouse distribution, cross-border, rural and at the end of the five networks, 70% Chinese express parcels, thousands of domestic and foreign logistics, warehousing, logistics and distribution company about 2000000 staff working in rookie data platform.

based on the existing advantages, rookie will continue to lead the future of intelligent logistics through big data. Wan Lin said that the opening of the ecological network will undoubtedly be greater than the coordination of closed small network, not only reflected in the Fu more partners, relying on big data and algorithms, but also to better serve consumers and businesses.

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