The electricity supplier LocalHarvest fresh electricity supplier of agricultural products and small

Internet thinking is the hot topic they are, what the Internet finance, Internet TV, Internet refrigerator and so on, so can a "Internet basket"? The Internet heavyweights have agreed that 2014 is the first year of transformation of traditional industries, these industries or passive or active on the internet. Agriculture is one of the most traditional industries for thousands of years has not changed, and how to embrace the Internet?

Zhu Cheng, Liu Tao and pan apple is a leader in 2013 in agriculture, but also will shorten the distance between the Internet and agriculture by a large margin. In addition to these celebrities around the project, there are also a large number of new agricultural projects, running chicken, pig run, green fruits and vegetables and so on, which accounted for the vast majority of small and medium-sized new agricultural projects has become a hot topic in the internet. The new farmers are actively explore new agricultural business road. Let the natural state through the LocalHarvest case to analyze how many small farms, to create small and beautiful agricultural electricity supplier.


outside the box, the solution of

U.S. fresh electricity supplier LocalHarvest is a platform to connect small and medium farms, CSA farms and consumers. It brings together local farm information to provide consumers with a wealth of food choices. LocalHarvest is the concept of "real food, real farmers, real community". Map search system allows people to facilitate the purchase of local agricultural products. Consumers enter the local area code, you can search to a local farm. Eat in the local benefits of logistics high difficulty of agricultural products such as vegetables and eggs, through local delivery can reach consumers. This can effectively reduce the high logistics costs due to long-distance transport. LocalHarvest this specialized vertical electricity supplier website, greatly promoted the food production and consumption transparency and convenience.

for consumers, the charm of LocalHarvest from its "natural taste" and "close to nature" features. In the taste of nature, in addition to providing daily life often eat green food, but also launched the taste ark program. The plan aims to find the smell and taste of the food that will disappear. Web site through the collection of a large number of distinctive food, there are small white turkey, pecan, apple and so on, so that consumers feel the unusual taste. As close to nature is LocalHarvest provides a platform for interaction with consumers and farms. The farm can be issued on-the-spot investigation, and agricultural festivals and other farm activities information on the LocalHarvest website, let love pastoral life, love delicacy, love labor consumers to participate in agricultural practice, to experience the closest natural happiness. The most important thing is that consumers through participation in labor practices, more confidence in the farm believes the safety and reliability of agricultural products. Localharvest this play, in accordance with the current popular concept should be regarded as O>

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