Double 120 & ten grassroots nouveau riche electric business website performance report


The rapid development of the Internet is

, influence and penetrate all aspects of people’s lives, e-commerce is gradually changing people’s shopping habits, double 11, double 12 Online Shopping Festival, constantly create and refresh a record of online shopping.

the nouveau riche and grassroots business have joined the feudal lords vying for the throne, online shopping feast. This year’s double 11, Ali achieved sales of up to 57 billion 100 million of the impressive results. Such a huge sales, accompanied by the explosive growth of the site traffic. In this case, the stability of the electricity supplier website, access speed and other performance directly affect people’s shopping experience, and ultimately affect the purchase order transactions.

Hugedata’s products – Bee website monitoring, in the double 12 campaign, in addition to the evaluation of the ten major electricity supplier website, and screen the ten roots of the electricity supplier, the electricity supplier website conducted a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of performance data in December 11th, 12 days, 13 days and three days.

two, website performance comparison

The performance data of

web site includes website speed, availability, Ping delay and packet loss rate. Small bees on all current electricity supplier website performance evaluation, calculate the speed of the site industry benchmark value of 1232ms, Google, Amazon, according to the YAHOO website statistics show that: Google site slow access speed every 400 ms will cause the user search requests fell 0.59%; Amazon analysis showed that the increase of 100ms delay will lead to its website YAHOO revenue fell 1%, if there is a delay 400ms flow will lead to decline of 5-9%. Similarly, for each of the 11 100ms periods, the delay in each order is likely to result in a reduction in the volume of orders and the volume of transactions.


nouveau riche

ten grassroots electricity supplier

three, summary and analysis

1, from the 3 day of the evaluation data can be seen, the performance of the two electricity supplier website has no significant decline in 12, more stable performance.

2, Taobao, nouveau riche electricity supplier, Tmall, Jingdong and Suning in major provinces and city are using the CDN node of the site acceleration, other electricity only in some major nouveau riche city using CDN accelerated nodes. Compared with the nouveau riche small grassroots electricity supplier, electricity providers to use CDN, even though the use of CDN, accelerated nodes is less, the dream bazaar and optimal shopping using CDN nodes to accelerate the relatively more of, only a few CDN, volume leather mesh nodes, other grassroots electricity providers were not using CDN.

3, the overall performance is better than the nouveau riche website grassroots business website.

4, double the overall performance of the electricity supplier website is better than the double 11.

compared to dual 1>

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