For 919 network network 800 thousand cans of beer after throwing strokes

Internet and electricity supplier industry is not the lack of festival activities, but music as such as the full set of ecological, full channel force, even star executives turns into ecological enterprises for 919 fans festival but does not see more. 919 soon, LETV to offer fans heavy surprise: from August 31st to September 19th, LETV founder led a dozen sub Jia Yueting music as ecological executives, for the fans to distribute continuously gift envelopes, preheated 919 fans pushed to the climax of the night.


has just landed the capital market music as its important sub ecological network network CEO Li Rui also took part in the Red Star executives gift activities, and ho throw hundreds of millions of gift + super huge offer open listing in September to promote the ecological, ecological integration through cross-border reverse, with ecological value than expected for the fans.

800 thousand tank Grote staged "wins the beer" war

September 3rd, network network CEO Li Rui with "red envelopes to send Grote + high-end wine gift seckill" super September.

as the network network this year to push the phenomenon of IP derivatives, Gloryt has by virtue of ecological Grote beer – heavy music as sports events, sports stars, the next line outside the game and other large IP resources and the world’s first cross-border joint Jingdong, accumulated a very high degree of concern and good reputation, has formed a "ecological beer heat". Based on the user’s favorite, network network produced 800 thousand cans of Grote as red trench ceremony overweight 919 carnival, allowing fans to enjoy the ecological benefits.

It is reported that September 3rd morning

, 11:00 – 11:15, 5:00-5:15 PM, Li Rui representative network network issued two rounds of red to the fans, Ho throw a total of 20 sets of 800 thousand tank grote. It is during the network network took out 10 bottles of high-end wine "Henry guijo tribute dry champagne to 91.9 yuan per bottle of ultra low price gift seckill 919, the price of 837 yuan Henry Gio Ho by fans snapped up within several seconds.

network network CEO Li Rui "grut + red wine seckill" tribute 919 fans Festival

in addition, LETV ecological red Festival not only open up channels combined with ecological products and gifts, rich content and strength of the red promotions feedback fans. It is understood that the music star executives to send 919 Hao Li "special activities will last from August 31st to September 19th on the same day (morning, afternoon 11:00-11:15, 5:00-5:15) a day executives through music video APP, LETV mall official website, opened two rounds of red lottery + premium seckill. Over the next few days more Adidas football training, LeVR to 9.19 yuan ultra-low price battle.

in the 919 day, LETV founder Jia Yueting will be 919 yuan price spike out of the music as super hardware mysterious spree ", from the music as usual generous, the spree weight must not light, really tempt the appetite of fans.

super September even put "bombing" / >

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