The electricity supplier must feel confused if you have little advertising

what does it mean to be confused? I used to say the word, but it’s not always clear how to explain it. Today, I specially Baidu. Confused, adjective. 1, broad and can not see the way; 2, describe the life or do not know how to progress, no sense of direction, the road ahead with no reality whatever.

So that is what it is.

believes everyone confused, confused, the hope is that someone can walk out of the warm hand colorful auspicious clouds, and put myself away…… But this is only in fairy tales. Today, talk about how to treat it confused, I am confused in this regard to experience.

do Internet friends, is the most easily confused, because the industry is more special, the most exposed every day, perhaps the computer. Sales do not go, the flow can not go, the conversion rate is not, advertising spending is too large, there is no good creativity, creativity is not practical…… So, any one is enough to make people scorched by the flames.

how to do? The best way is to go out and break the physical limitations, to strong friends from the same industry, tour operations, information sharing, collaboration, to achieve everyone firewood high flame effect, this method, can do not be confused, so heavy about another way.

this method is: point advertising. Yes, it’s someone else’s advertising. Don’t get me wrong, not malicious click others advertising cause unnecessary consumption, we do not do this wicked thing.

governance confusion, first of all to be clear, the reason is the lack of information, as if in a dense fog, I do not know which direction to go out. How do not know, no one leading the case, we have to learn to steal. Advertising, is to see how others do, learn from others, from the inside to steal.

most of the time, we analyze the customer groups, not to do the best analysis within the same field of competitors, the opponent can succeed, then he must have advantages worth learning, we have to do, is to find out, learning from enemies. For example: if we want to learn a small category of Taobao do well seller, will be detailed to analyze each other’s position, supply, flow, transformation, two times sales, their advantages, and then compared himself, knew what to do.

so, directly to the industry leader on the line, why advertising? Because ah, exposed in the table a boss, others are watching his manipulation generally everyone is clear, but not to study, he did not ostentatious. Some advertising, because of the long-term advertising products, must be profitable, advertisers are not necessarily top leader, general is invisible to the boss, not dew low-key face, perhaps many hidden secrets, but not many people to study them.

we are looking for these low-key master, to study how the other party is doing. The long – standing ad is because there are too few secrets

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