Star electric shock to do the new direction of its own brand of cross border electricity supplier

star do electricity supplier is not new. Today, following the pace of globalization of the electricity supplier, the star also began to import and export business.

June 25th, Carina Lau announced its French name (Carina Lau) named imported wine exclusive sale in its official flagship store Tmall. In the wine bottle have anti-counterfeiting label and exclusive two-dimensional code, consumers by scanning the two-dimensional code, you can clearly understand the wine producing areas, and the price level.

and other stars do business "painted" is different, Carina Lau deeply involved in all aspects of the supply chain, from all aspects of product selection, packaging, positioning, brand and sales are qinliqinwei.

Carina Lau said that his taste of red wine have decades of experience, and went to the French AOC Wine producers chose the largest Bordeaux Sun Group as the only partner. In the sales platform, global business platform Tmall’s biggest hope, consumers do not have to go abroad, you can buy your favorite imported wine.

star push import electricity supplier

star play electricity supplier is no longer a trend. But from the beginning of this year, both at home and abroad have to look at the stars on the cross-border electricity supplier.

in March this year, Carina Lau and his team began to frequent contact with Tmall, hoping to help the latter through its import brand into the home of domestic consumers. The concept of the two sides are more fit, both want to bring the quality of life to the Chinese consumers through the internet." A person close to the situation said.

in fact, in 2015, the world’s 100 largest import wineries including France one of the five famous Bohr Zhuang Tong Jia Di, Napoleon’s French chateau, Chateau La Tula Gansu straight for the Tmall platform, many Mingzhuang were selected Tmall as the only official channel China.

in Tmall 618 years to promote, the Carina Lau brand of wine on the line less than two days on the sale of over 10000, ultra-high cost by consumers and high praise. Of course, there must be a fan of Carina Lau’s fame. Cao Lei, director of China electricity supplier research center believes that the star’s fame and fans effect is often able to play an early role in the electric shock.

, however, Carina Lau is not the first to do cross-border electricity supplier in Tmall star.

June 10th, NBA star Kobe guest Sina live time, announced the establishment of China’s subsidiary in the summer of this year, Kobe, the future will be Sina and Alibaba depth cooperation. Analysis of the industry, Kobe will most likely by Ali’s Tmall sold its name brand merchandise, to open a huge market Chinese fans.

in May 20th World Conference on women, the goddess Jessica? Alba officially announced to the outside world, the mother brand, created the valuation of nearly $1 billion The honest com-pany will cooperate with Tmall international strategy.

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