Tmall north to fight Jingdong Hangzhou or lost electricity supplier title

[Abstract] the Internet industry in Beijing is too concentrated to lead to the hollowing out of the Internet industry in other cities.

text / Wang Xinxi (WeChat public number: Hot micro review)

news early at the end of September, Tmall headquarters will be moved from Hangzhou to Beijing, Ali will double this year eleven before the completion of all of the relocation, industry analysis, Tmall moved north and Jingdong will direct confrontation in the field of 3C, Beijing has become the Internet giant smoke of the battlefield. At present, we see that Tmall’s ads have appeared in Beijing’s Metropolitan media and subway stations. Even, Tmall supermarket monthly salary of twenty thousand strokes of the purchase price of the division’s advertising marked: serving the people of Beijing.

Ali seems, Beijing is the center of politics, economy, culture, talent, Alibaba group of more than 30 thousand employees, nearly 10 thousand people in Beijing. In addition, the Alibaba’s UC browser, High German map, Ali pictures, Ali health headquarters. Ali investment in China’s largest video site Youku, the largest social networking site micro-blog, Suning headquarters investment and intime business are also in Beijing. Ali capital Beijing is naturally behoove Ali also said start Hangzhou + Beijing double center strategy, in order to better serve the north and even the whole Chinese consumers. We look from the urban area, and Tmall headquarters moved to Beijing, the most sad is Hangzhou.

Tmall North Hangzhou has lost the title of e-commerce, the worry

Beijing Internet companies are more comprehensive and diversified, search engines, O2O and buy, portal, video, IT hardware industry everything. But Hangzhou is too focused on e-commerce. If Hangzhou, although covering the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region, but compared with Beijing radiation, is undoubtedly the lack of pattern. Hangzhou e-commerce industry mostly due to the driving effect of Ali group. But the next question is, Tmall north, Hangzhou is inevitably lost, and even lost the title of e-commerce are worried.

once said: Ma Yun (micro-blog) and Hangzhou, a city of ali. Ma had said that Alibaba and Hangzhou is the fate of the community". In the end is the achievements of the Hangzhou Alibaba, Alibaba or Hangzhou to become the core of the national electricity supplier industry, are unknown, but it can not be denied, Hangzhou and Ali have a very strong relationship between the two sides. Earlier Zhang Handong Dean of Business Research Institute of Zhejiang province said: "the Yangtze River Delta region is the strongest China manufacturing area, Hangzhou is also in the consumer goods concentrated areas, Ali, able to attract a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to join the platform up, much like the relationship between ship and water."

Hangzhou for Ali’s policy and resources tilt efforts since Needless to say, the Alibaba in Hangzhou have the radiation effect of the one and only the Internet circle of Internet entrepreneurs and the adsorption effects of Internet talent. For example, Ali before and after the listing, a large number of Ali department employees become millionaires, have resigned to start the Internet business. Red Hangzhou

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