Micro Amoy account was reselling valid forced to shrink to 30 days

news July 11th, Taobao wireless micro Amoy official disclosure, inside the stage, the applicant appear "cheat" an invite code, resale profit. To this end, the official micro Amoy, Amoy micro beta invitation code is valid for 30 days, overdue registration is cancelled.

According to the relevant provisions of the

micro Amoy account operators, because of their own reasons, not timely registration invitation code caused by failure, need to get the application process.

micro Amoy pointed out that the micro Amoy product is being perfected, in the micro Amoy beta by invitation code to achieve. The purpose of the invitation code selected high-quality operators involved in online platform tonality, assist to collect product problems and optimize business model.

"but we found that individual users get an invitation code through a variety of ways, not put into use to measured the relevant responsibility and obligation, but resale profit hoarding and profiteering. The violation of the relevant rules of micro Amoy online." For applicants in the micro Amoy team available online as soon as possible after qualification, activate the invitation code, with the good faith management.

According to

billion state power network understanding, micro Amoy beta application in early June this year officially open limit, as of now, Taobao shopping guide Master sellers, and the media public account has exceeded 3000, more than 60 million users.

according to the relevant provisions, apply the micro Amoy sellers need to complete and submit the audit through the standard operation plan, passed after the chance to get an invitation code, then you can open public account registration.

, however, during the closed beta has not yet established a complete rule, further standardize and guide the platform, also create opportunities for speculators to a certain extent.

previously, billion state power network has exposed the malicious cybersquatting micro Amoy public account, plagiarism brands of intellectual property rights. There are different ways and channels for speculators to apply for public accounts. Once adopted, these accounts are beginning to mature products on the market registered ID. Including many well-known brands, as well as mobile shopping guide platform "pocket shopping", was squatting.

at the same time, in QQ and other IM tools, micro channel account has begun to appear in private transactions, ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars, some accounts offer is very exaggerated.

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