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What are the micro-blog The last is to develop

know that micro-blog is fire, but what is the specific cause of the fire is not known, now after contact to know micro-blog to great effect of enterprises, and individuals to bring the star. Here I only said that micro-blog, the company I work for is a B2B e-commerce website, the micro-blog effect is certainly representative, like Tmall, B2C business Jingdong, micro-blog marketing has played a huge role, micro-blog users can read the latest information every day in micro-blog’s own love, like a shopping what does the website have timed seckill activities, you can immediately participate in related activities, this is micro-blog’s effectiveness, seize the opportunity is the key to you.

himself in the current company alliance resources network started looking for a Shanghai Longfeng promotion work, later specialized micro-blog marketing this one, there are more than three months, with the said time is not long, but also have personal experience. So personally to summarize the techniques for enterprise micro-blog marketing, is also to their work summary, but also for those who just contact this piece of children’s shoes to do some guiding role.

business benefits? Such as release threshold is relatively low: only 140 words OK, real-time, interactive, convenient and strong personality, enterprise must use micro-blog marketing for micro-blog to bring you the good start, in order to form a good marketing communication mode. In order to form a good communication environment, enterprises should take the initiative to pay attention to micro-blog more users, and actively participate in interactive communication. For example, Sina micro-blog Li Yuchun, with millions of fans, and their active attention to very few people, formed a complete one-way communication channel, to promote the role of micro-blog is completely useless, but Li Kaifu often exchanges, the number of fans can reach tens of millions. If Li Yuchun can use micro-blog marketing, looking for someone to write the contents of micro-blog (byond marketing platform) and micro-blog (www.softweibo贵族宝贝), pay more attention to their fans, more interactive, so her micro-blog will form a larger network of influence, there will be more people to pay attention to her colleagues.

application with micro-blog, now a lot of open platform, like QQ, is not common in micro-blog in the enterprise, to cooperate with technical department of your company, is a small development, because now the mainstream like Sina, Tencent, has its own application page technical support documents, combined with the technical department easily. You can give your site to bring a lot of traffic, such as Alibaba (micro-blog) Chinese every micro-blog sent from "3.21 grab the festival", if the fans click will enter the web site, will be brought to the site flow.

Just before

to write a second micro-blog promotion plan, in accordance with the plan to maintain the external promotion of micro-blog, also need to be better, if not a follower, then no matter how good the content cannot be effectively spread. Like some activities award, enterprise internal propaganda, special offer discount information, cooperation and propaganda, can let you increase micro-blog the brand effect and readability.

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