On the website of the Shanghai New Oriental Dragon on the website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

returned to New Oriental website, when I click on the sidebar to return to "the first grade junior middle school mathematics" and "grade two of the junior high school mathematics" of the title tag is exactly the same, there is clearly need to do more research on the title keywords; when I click "the first grade junior middle school mathematics" to the list page, whatever I choose the maths training class, the title still remain unchanged, but URL was optimized, the abnormal long list page lack h tags and some introductory text, leading to the results page very low degree of competition, but the similarity is very high, it is easy to be mistaken for repeated page search engine;

Although the


third, the new information columns

data structure optimizationOptimization of

we can see that the official website has a search box (I will not screenshots), however, when you enter a keyword, he will show a lot of resources, such as "English", then I search in the search results will give you recommend learning English version of a large number of information, and the content is love Shanghai are not included, this will cause the search flow so massive content there is no way to get a little bit, and the structure of URL is also very confusing, even lead to fall in love with the sea like will also included the efficiency is very slow. Therefore, optimizing the structure of the URL and give the content to provide entrance is we must do.

data structure in order to make full use of the advantages of the page, as much as possible to capture the mass flow. Key words in the title is usually reflected inside the deployment, whether into the core words and covers the best combination of keywords, meta; see if there is a unified Shanghai Longfeng rules; see the page content is deployed H tags, whether do content data call; see screen option is able to have the perfect combination of keywords and corresponding collocation the content of… These are all we have to consider.

first said the first point, the release of the contents:

New Oriental

station of Shanghai dragon optimization do not ye, but after all the weight put in there, do not make good use of waste. Therefore, to optimize the site will go to the construction of a large number of information content, original content through precise keyword research and a large number of updates, not only can quickly seize the long tail keywords ranking, enhancing mass flow, we can use the new original content guide spider climb to these pages, allowing more content release; of course, these.

site overall strength is not too bad, love the sea included 10000+, the PR value is 6, for such a site, Shanghai dragon strategy is as much as possible to dig some of the resources of its own, and try to release their content, on the other hand is to optimize his data structure, including title rules, meta rules, H tags, page content rules, rules and long term deployment; is to make full use of the weight advantage, the new column using the potential for more content;

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