Webmaster exchange chain is easy to ignore what the problem

, the excessive pursuit of weight

often exchange in Links, owners are generally show the same keywords in other website, Pang Riquan is made that mistake, when exchanging Links are "construction sites in Shenzhen".

three, exchange chain to


general webmaster is see reuse Webmaster Tools query out, Pang Riquan here want to say is the webmaster tools only display the weights according to the website of certain factors out of an estimate, and the estimation method of every webmaster tools are not the same, there is no uniform standard. Webmaster tools show love Shanghai weight only as a web site keywords ranking is a reference value. The home station webmaster tools show love Shanghai weight algorithm is based on the keywords ranking, flow calculation. The flow is less than 100 weight 1, love Shanghai is expected to flow between 100 and 500, Shanghai is 2 weight of love, love of Shanghai is expected to flow between 500 and 1000 is the weight of 3.

generally, the site of the primary key is not one or two, in the Links exchange, we focus on the exchange is the main keywords that keywords ranking is not stable and the top. Keywords ranking is not stable, Links stable keywords ranking. The keywords ranking good may exchange one or two links can stabilize your ranking, not allow competitors to overtake. So, Links exchange using a single keyword on the website of the little help, greatly reduce the role of Links.

Pang Riquan often found a lot of people with some phase > when exchanging Links.

is the most Links exchange website optimization personnel must work to be done, as the site optimization personnel, you really know how to exchange Links? Links exchange well, all aspects of the site will be a good help, but if you make a mistake the following exchange links, then your website not only don’t get any benefits, but will make your site worse.

Webmaster Tools query outThe weight of

two, exchange chain is too single

exchange in Links process, the weight of the excessive pursuit of each other’s webmaster tools out of the query is wrong. The website of the other side shows love Shanghai high weight, can explain each other’s website a lot of keyword rankings are good. The other is the website keywords ranking seems to own site has little effect. The main purpose is to let the other Links exchange website love Shanghai official weight transfer to your website, but the weight of each website love Shanghai to give official is not open, we can only from other places to estimate a website of the Shanghai official love to give weight. As for what specific methods, everyone’s views are not the same, you can only from work to test some ideas, for example, the new snapshot included fast and so on.


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