Keywords selection is base layout is the priority among priorities below

the first two articles "keyword selecting only basis layout is the priority among priorities (on)", "is only the basic keyword selecting layout is the priority among priorities (in) under" mainly introduces the detailed layout of key words, reflects many of the relatively good, today is to share the website pages and keywords friends of the chain how to conduct friendly layout, let more webmaster feel the benefits, the author detailed talk about a good layout of the page, and how to key words in the chain of friends.

five pages, insert three keywords should pay attention to one way


six, friends of the chain layout keywords to understand both offensive and defensive

3, inserted in ten or more, if you want to insert the key words more than 10 pages of a link, this time I have to tell you this is not suitable for real keyword insertion does not make an article content into too many keywords, so although improved keyword weight is decreased site quality so please think twice.

1, inserted in three to five key words, if this is the case, then we can insert a title in the first section, the content into a content, middle insert one end, insert a, by means of inserting this allows search engines to produce a sense of trust network station. This method of insertion is not cheating, also did not involve the problem of keyword stuffing.

most owners in the chain layout keywords are introduced into a word, such as our common Shanghai dragon type of site, the Shanghai dragon type site most are designated place names + Shanghai dragon, in fact for a site for the centralized distribution of key words is wrong, the author suggested that the dispersion of the weight in the layout of Links, such as you do is a Changzhou Shanghai dragon, so when we can use the layout of a chain of Changzhou Shanghai / Changzhou / Changzhou Longfeng site construction site optimization / multiple word layout in Links, this website ranking in the ascension of it will not only improve keywords ranking, this.

most of the owners in the inside pages of insert keywords are random insertion, either in the first paragraph, or is centrally inserted in the last paragraph on insert, this method is not suitable to insert keywords from web site keywords optimization, the correct approach should be to first collect keywords, a page in a web site should be clear how many keywords layout, then according to the key words derived from the insert again reasonable in content, here are a few examples:

2, insert keywords in five to ten, if you want to insert a 5-10 keyword in a page link, so this layout should focus on the content of the article, the title, the first paragraph, key words at the end of the insert can not be too much, and this time we will focus on the content of keywords the middle section, if it can be a layer of multi paragraph insert a paragraph, if it is a layer that only uniform insertion.

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