Master ice five recruit new website Shanghai dragon speed

positioning must stand on the height of the industry, for example, you are selling the notebook computer, we should stand in the electronics industry as a whole perspective to analyze the mining, because the replacement of electronic products is very fast, the user’s search behavior also so we should have the myriads of changes, always pay attention to the latest development trend of industry. Especially the search habits of emerging computer products and users, a lot of extended positioning of long tail keywords, so as to ensure the long-term industry conducive to an invincible position

don’t mass outside the chain, this is the most deadly Shanghai dragon! Do more high quality external links natural growth, such as soft Wen contribute, create the value chain and users reprint that the chain is optimized on our website for help, every day to do, until that day you gain


three, a reasonable construction of the external links

Reasonable layout position, long tail keywords

new optimization for new Shanghai dragon is indeed not an easy thing to do, not only to analyze the initial layout, website keywords, website structure optimization, and the chain plan and so on, are a series of system work. But to do anything but clear thinking, it is not so difficult, we have the following systematic steps as long as you do it in accordance with the steps, the optimization work can easily fix the railway station.

site structure and layout of the chain in

is a new station optimization must be done.

site title must be focused, adhering to the following principles: key words, smooth, attractive, not wordy! In addition to long tail keywords must use H1 tags to the page article or product name or title wrapped up, the other columns of a time according to the importance of using the H tag package is reasonable, whether the title or the content of the article remember, keyword stuffing, this can only make the search engine that we are cheating, the benefits of the site without

five, website title and the weight of the label rational use of


key words layout, keyword density and so on. These contents must be in strict accordance with the standard to do, such as the density of not more than 6-8%, the first words should be bold and so on, remember, is always a fine day winning

on the website structure, this should be the procedure stage should be taken into account, such as static page links, breadcrumbs, avoid pictures, JS calls, reduce the links reach level and so on, the most important point is the site within the chain layout, this point in the program construction when can add appropriate such as the relevant recommendation module. Also if you can automatically generate links can be added in the article, so that we in the release of the article, you can use the keywords of each article link up, so the chain will be more and more powerful

, a location of the web site keywordsKeywords

! !


two, web site keywords layout

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