Love Shanghai in favor of value and non original

a few days ago I read an article written by Lu Songsong "does not get the original love is love" said sea favored Shanghai favor quality is not original. Of course, I was very much against. If you don’t write original, everyone on the Internet then reproduced in a mess. But today I really understand. Not everyone is original. But ask everybody to write some valuable content. Not all the time to do the original. The original and obtain a love love Shanghai. We must find some valuable content, even can be reproduced, as long as it is helpful to the user. Of course, does not mean you don’t write the original article reproduced everywhere. Whether it is reproduced.

as the Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, we all deal with the major search engines, have been in the study of the major search engines in the end what love. The search engine in the big brother Shanghai – love is our most concern one. As for the love of Shanghai love what are we always study topic. Today Shao Lianhu combine today Shanghai library and we love to talk about love in Shanghai is to pay attention to the value or the original

We all know that

want to do outside the chain in Shanghai that love is very difficult. Whether it is love Shanghai Post Bar, know, experience or library etc.. It is very difficult. I believe a lot of friends have loved Shanghai fight pressure, a lot of people to give up the chain in Shanghai. Shao Lianhu is the same, there are more than half of the time did not do. But when this morning I saw a article is Pizhou bus route map of this article. I have an idea, I put this article download into the latest Pizhou bus route map do outside the chain, because the Pizhou bus route map is very helpful for the people of Pizhou, but also the new, there should be a hope. I have downloaded, only changed the title, take me to Pizhou even Tiger Network website uploaded, did not expect a moment when looking through the audit. The following figure:

analysis: we look back is open, just a few minutes to audit by the. The success of a chain. Why can this article be audited by

3, though not original but the content of the article is for the people of Pizhou are of great help.

on the reproduction of Shanghai will be reviewed by the library of love on

1, the content is valuable, detailed introduces the bus station.

summary: the above points can be said that did not provide an original, the article is not written by Shao Lianhu, only can be reproduced by the audit. Can say that Shanghai is about the value rather than the original.


is in love with Hai Qing Lai in value, is not to write original

2 is the latest content is. Although this article is reproduced to me, but I have written the latest title, love Shanghai staff mistakenly thought it was the latest. Just to help users love Shanghai not included.

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