How to do the long tail keywords website

4, the use of

5, using the flow statistics tool. The general site after a period of operation, we can use the traffic statistics system for mining long tail keywords, statistical analysis of our Shanghai dragon and website operation is very helpful, so we have to develop the habit of watching statistics. We can know what the user is through search keywords.

1, the target keywords extension. We can extend through several ways, such as through the target keywords and regional, seasonal, time, gender etc.. Can the product for the extension, take a freckle products, we can see how much money "," what "," effective "," extended really works "similar to these words to words.

love Shanghai know some question and answer platform. Various know quiz platform, but the long tail keywords mining treasure Oh, here are the keywords closest to the user search habits, the user can find the search intention. We can target keywords enter the website, you can find lots of problems. But also can answer questions, leave a reverse link.

long tail keywords as the name suggests, it is the characteristics of relatively long, often is 2-3 words. Sometimes the phrase, it exists in the content of the page, in addition to the title of the page, it is also found in content. Even if the search volume of long tail keywords is very small, and is not stable, but the long tail keywords bring customers into the probability web product buyers are much higher than the target keywords. Therefore, according to many network sales professional experience, there are a large number of long tail keywords and long tail keywords website, also can bring very large flow site for a long time. It is said that although people do not search long tail keywords core keywords of many people, but the cumulative several or even dozens of groups of long tail keywords, search your website people naturally very much. Look at my personal understanding of long tail keywords are interested.

how to excavate the long tail keywords

to get 3, through the analysis of the competition website etc.." My success can be replicated ", the successful method of copying others, make yourself successful. We analyze the row in front of the competitor’s website, keywords observe their site is set up, and make the appropriate expansion of the key words. Can also go to observe their website popular articles, look at the title and content, to obtain effective long tail keywords from.

2, use love sea related search and the drop-down box. We search for a target keywords, the search engine search box will appear relevant search words, search engine and relevant search at the bottom there will be some relevant keywords, which is what we want to find the long tail keywords, we can follow the following words, continue to click in, the long tail word will collect more. These are related and the main key words long tail keywords, but you think others are thought of, the word competition is very fierce.

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