How to optimize the website’s core keywords

1, you can select the 2-3 words, of course, this word is 2-3 and your company related products, as the core keywords web page, and then you fall in love with the sea to determine the word search, the search results if there are a large number of PPC, that word is very competitive, do on the home page is also very difficult, even if you are sure to do at home, can not be in the first row, because there is still bidding, users first saw the auction, rather than you, so the effect is not very good, it is recommended that you based on these keywords, search for relevant keywords, also is the long tail keywords, these the word is also very easy to do up, what almost no competition, probability of user search is also great.

core keywords how to optimize the site optimization? Core keyword is our webmaster a priority, in the current optimization keywords before, you must understand what is the core keywords, and how to carry out the core keywords competition analysis.

we look at the two core keywords optimization

5, add a new column, setting up two level directory BLOG, BBS. According to the specific conditions of different industries, can use a blog or forum. Note: must be in an important position in the two level directory, do the anchor text of the domain name with the target keywords. The main functions of the column is used to publish the relevant content and target keywords, some keywords to target a lot of content, at the same time each anchor text keywords all point to the first.

Each column of

, these 2 core keywords can also distinguish regional related long tail keywords, means that if your sales is mainly in Beijing, you can choose Beijing area to do, such as Beida, Beida Jade Bird is the core keywords, can do big bird in North Beijing, Beijing prize.the schools, such words more objective, more clearly, but also reduce some difficulty for your optimization. And you can also import more specific customer groups, to reach a higher conversion rate of target customers.

4, the main column in the website add some target keywords, we also need to be in the bottom of the website footer, add a line to the target keywords, and then the target keywords do link to the home page. The purpose of this is for each page add a "navigation", the best of each sub page footer are unified. We will be in Shanghai Longfeng optimization more detailed analysis in the paper presents the method to make navigation and attention, in order to improve the optimization effect of targeted keywords.

, how to optimize the enterprise website

3, the website home page, as much as possible some target keywords, this is mainly in order to increase the density of keywords. For example, Beida Jade Bird, Beida Jade Bird as the core keywords, so the home page many columns will appear more associated with prize.the columns, like "prize.the prize.the tuition, course, Beida Jade Bird Network Engineer"

target keywords

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