Shijiazhuang Shanghai Dragon 3 days of the second combat experience sharing

blog only ten articles in time just on the line, then every day 2-5 added, because the binary love often write things so have some original. Occasionally encounter some essence articles also make proper reproduced, and the search of this article has been reprinted many times, if too much or forget it, after all, new or better stability to everything.

for the site outside the chain of binary always is the most recognized write soft try to increase the site outside the chain, and the speed is quick. If an article of good quality it is likely to be some of the big portal reproduced, such as: and, Zhongguancun, ifeng贵族宝贝, binary lucky to be reproduced several times, the weight of the site links are given which appear in the portal is very high. It is best to >

is an efficient high-speed Internet era, one step ahead in front of a light, one step behind it. The website seconds have been many expect, one can quickly show the information in front of the user, on the other hand is their own weight, can be more effective to win business opportunities again and again. Binary analysis here today and your recent blog construction is how to realize the 3 days of the second effect.

On the website of

every site has its own words, I do not wordy. The website for the choice of title should be short and fine, don’t appear useless ", similar to the best" such useless words. If you carefully you will find the problem, generally understand Shanghai Longfeng er they are not going to make such a word, or a little. In addition Keywords label, I think it is not essential labels, many Shanghai dragon Er also think so. But it is best for the new station with the good, but the requirement is every page do not have the same label, which is a list of pages, content pages, page labels are different. The description tag is key in addition to other titles, with natural language, 2-3 main keyword appears in the description, the long tail word can also occur two to three times. The density of the author on the key is to be about 3%, and is not very high.


The construction of Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon

web navigation

did this when a number of changes, start with "tutorial" "news" this column, finally after some thoughts still be canceled, only to the direction of development of more accurate website. Everything in order to navigate website keyword based layout, navigation and directory name I use all keywords with navigation design.

Keywords and labels

on the site outside the chain

when this blog is used in the Z-BLOG program, and a set of tens of thousands of people were made public template. The template is not what new ideas, but the list was adjusted after the start of appropriate additions and deletions, the construction of the blog.


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