At the beginning of 2011 on the development of network of Shanghai Dragon

in February 11, 2011 by the domestic market practitioners experts predict, according to the Shanghai dragon in Chinese market size in 2011 is expected to Chinese Shanghai Longfeng water will reach more than 100 million yuan and is expected to exceed 200 million yuan.


"28" rule, used in the search engine.

28 law: Shanghai dragon marketing strategy of the Red Sea

search engine optimization in the domestic industry, there has been controversy in the long tail theory is the "28 law" of a subversion, then, in the Shanghai dragon network marketing, we should focus on the main keywords in accordance with the "28 rule", is also in accordance with the "long tail" words for extended? First of all, we must admit that the long tail theory is applied to Shanghai dragon in the marketing strategy of keywords is very useful. Although a few core keywords or keywords can bring traffic may more than half of the site, but the search number however the sum of keywords very clear: the long tail keywords can also bring about a considerable amount of access to the site, and these long tail search keywords formed higher customer conversion rate, often much higher than keywords universal conversion. Great small market, but also occupy the market share of the objective…… This is the long tail of thought.

in the network era, due to concerns of the cost is greatly reduced, it is possible at a very low cost of normal distribution curve on the "tail", "tail" of produce total benefit even more than the "head". Anderson believes that the Internet age is concerned about the "long tail", "long tail" effect of age play.

– Shanghai dragon long tail theory marketing blue ocean strategy

28" is one hundred years ago Italy economist Baledo founded. In the marketing aspect, the "28" rule is mainly embodied in two aspects: one is the key products, two key customers. 80% enterprise sales are made by 20% key commodities; 80% enterprise sales is completed by 20% of the core customers.

long tail theory is a new theory to the rise of the Internet age, by American Chris · Anderson. The long tail theory, due to the factors of cost and efficiency, people only pay attention to the important person or thing, if the normal distribution curve to describe these people or things, people only focus on the curve "head", and will be in the curve "tail", need more energy and cost to pay attention to the most people ignore or something.

network optimization in Shanghai Longfeng China market, also talk about network marketing Shanghai dragon, become the topic of concern. Now many enterprises have begun to fully understand and use the Shanghai Dragon technology to carry out network marketing, also began to Shanghai dragon marketing for a deeper thinking, research and debate. In some sense, in China emerging industries in the Shanghai dragon agitation is the development and popularization of enterprise network marketing consciousness.

With the rapid spread of

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