Build your site structure optimization using three key words

three: the long tail keywords


how to make your site to win at the starting line, each optimization personnel are carefully studied, but in fact, from the most basic framework > Website

Use the

for us to optimize the staff, in the construction of every website at the beginning we all want our site load optimization competition to win at the starting line. So in the beginning of establishment, the structure of the site is an important thing for us so we have to consider the optimization. For a good website structure, it can not only to a very good role in promoting your ranking, also have very good effect on the rate of return on your investment to improve it. If your site has a structure optimization of the frame of keywords, then for your optimization will play a multiplier effect. We can distinguish the main keywords, keywords keywords and long tail keywords, the three have their own advantages, so this article will focus on the three key words on the optimization of how to construct your site, make your site to get higher rankings and click rate, to achieve the maximization of interest.

Keywords: secondary The first step to optimize the structure of the construction site of the

site optimization of third step structure is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords relative to the main keywords and secondary keywords, optimization is the least difficult, but the flow is relatively low, and there are uncertain factors. For the long tail keywords you can use in site content. The content of your site can affect your main keywords, keyword, of course, including the long tail keywords. For this can release as much content on the site, and maintain high quality correlation content and content and directory of links. So as to achieve the best effect.

for a site, the second most important components are secondary keywords. Keywords secondary to the main keywords in the optimization difficulty will be relatively low. When we are in the framework of website structure optimization, you can set the site for the site directory secondary keywords. We have to do is to make better use of link weights. The content of your site has links to their catalogue. The catalogue will have a link to the homepage of the main keywords. This is a seemingly simple process can be very good to improve your site’s ranking, but also can make the page weight containing main keywords is more high, become the focus of. Of course, the number of categories is to have control, the author suggests that the number of categories is best not more than 8, for some sites classification more words, you can try to use sub categories.


is to set up the main keywords, we can be the main keywords in the site of our title information, basic information of course we can also be the main keywords distributed in other sites in. The main set of keywords is relatively simple, I will not detail.


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